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Today’s most disruptive companies are using a new breed of business applications—cloud-native applications—to differentiate themselves and accelerate their growth.

They are building these applications to run on the cloud, taking advantage of the speed, scale, and flexibility that are hallmarks of that environment. Those early movers who have adopted a cloud-native strategy are achieving phenomenal growth as a result and accelerating their transformation for the digital age.

But undertaking the move to a cloud-native culture can seem daunting, especially if you’re a large organization with lots of legacy technology in your estate, and a culture of waterfall development. It demands an investment not only in technology, but in people, skills, culture and new ways of working to transform the organization. Many CIOs are faced with the challenges of driving the transformation of their business, leading to a host of common questions; how do you move mission-critical applications while the business is still running?  How do you make sure you get maximum value from the technology straight away? How can you retrain people to think and deliver applications and services in a new way?

Introducing our Cloud Choice podcasts; directly from the experts, to you.

Covering up-to-the-minute cloud topics, in-depth discussions of industry news and research, and analysis of challenges and solutions appearing in the market, in our Cloud Choice podcasts we will hear from technology thought leaders and business innovators the disruptors, the challengers, and the visionaries who are running their game-changing businesses on cloud-first foundations.

Over the course of the first season, Lisa Hirsch and I will be exploring everything businesses need to know about cloud native. We’ll be drawing on Cloud native comes of age, our new research into the shift towards cloud-native development in enterprises today, based on a survey of 902 professionals worldwide. And we’ll have exclusive interviews with leading voices in cloud-native applications, including Forrester’s Senior Analyst Paul Miller; Matt Stine, Cloud Native Polymath and Software Architect at Pivotal; and Abby Kearns, Executive Director at Cloud Foundry, among others.

Meanwhile our own cloud experts will give their thoughts and advice on how to plan for the key challenges associated with cloud-native applications, with regular in-depth articles and blogs to accompany our podcast series.

Subscribe to the podcasts on SoundCloud. You’ll find the report, podcasts, blogs and other assets on the website where we’ll be publishing the new articles on a regular basis, plus links to the latest podcast episode.

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