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Do you love sustainability? Do you love data? I know I do! If you answered yes to either or both of these questions, then you would appreciate the new open data platform from Global Footprint Network (GFN).

This platform features sustainability data from nearly every country in the world since 1961. Users can explore data around areas like forest products, cropland, and fishing grounds, and can see trends for biocapacity and ecological footprint. For data and sustainability geeks like me, this is candy.

Last month, Capgemini celebrated the launch of GFN’s Ecological Footprint Explorer.  Our Applied Innovation Exchange in San Francisco (AIE SF) hosted Unleashing Data for Sustainability. Our AIE SF is the flagship of the AIE facilities and it is stellar. These spaces showcase the innovation and expertise which drives Capgemini and enables us to develop such cutting edge solutions for our clients. The GFN launch celebration gives Capgemini the opportunity to give back to the local community and unite people from across industries to dig deeper into the topic of sustainability data. The lineup featured an impressive group of data experts:

  • Karin Tuxen-Bettman, PhD, Program Manager, Google Earth Outreach
  • Erin Cooke, Sustainability Director, San Francisco International Airport
  • Laurel Hanscom, Director, Programs, Global Footprint Network
  • Davida Herzl, CEO, Aclima
  • Bryon Jacob, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, data.world
  • Kiran Jain, Chief Resilience Officer, City of Oakland
  • Joel Makower, Chairman and Executive Editor, GreenBiz
  • Dr. James Robey, Global Head of Corporate Sustainability, Capgemini James Robey (Capgemini), Erin Cooke (San Francisco International Airport), Laurel Hanscom (Global Footprint Network)

Featured in the photo above are a few of the experts: (left to right) James Robey (Capgemini), Erin Cooke (San Franciscol International Airport), Laurel Hanscom (Global Footprint Network). The panel discussed the top drivers of sustainability, Capgemini’s water leakage and analytic solutions, enabling carbon awareness for SFO travelers, Google Earth’s impact on Sustainability, and (of course) the Ecological Footprint Explorer. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were a hot topic as Capgemini, and the other organizations represented, is diligently working to do our part to reach these goals.

It is my hope that the Ecological Footprint Explorer will enable us to better understand the world in which we live by seeing another piece to the historic puzzle. Ultimately, we can find solutions to reverse climate change.

Let’s use data to ignite insight and change the world!

For highlights of the evening, check out my Twitter page: @larkins_mel

Try the Ecological Footprint Explorer here: http://data.footprintnetwork.org/

For more events at the AIE SF visit: https://www.capgemini.com/events/whats-now-san-francisco

Mel Larkins

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