We are excited to announce that Capgemini plans to partner with the international nonprofit organization Holt International as part of our global initiative to Touch 1 Million Lives by 2020, hence empowering Capgemini employees to increase our collective and corporate social impact across the globe.

Holt International is a leading social welfare, poverty alleviation and orphan care organization with 60 years of experience serving some of the world’s most vulnerable populations. In 1956, Holt also pioneered the modern practice of international adoption, and remains a leader in both domestic and international adoption today, with a particular focus on advocating for children with special needs. Holt serves children and families in 13 countries.

When we learned about Holt International, we recognized several common goals between Capgemini and Holt’s global programs:

  • Both organizations share a long history in India. Holt has programs in Delhi, Bangalore and Pune.
  • We share a commitment to elevating women in leadership through emphasis on skills and education. As Holt’s programs are heavily focused on sustainably improving a family’s economic capacity, efforts to empower women through vocational and parenting skills training, traditional education, microloans and support for new moms are central to their services.
  • Capgemini and Holt are dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion, and extending the belief that every person — regardless of race, religion, special need, culture or gender — is worthy of respect, love and equal opportunities.

In support of Holt International, we will share some of their inspirational stories about the transformational impact of philanthropy — both by businesses and individuals. Through our partnership with Holt International, Capgemini aims to grow and develop The Bond Initiative, a movement to uplift the human spirit and inspire greatness by sharing stories about universal human values and overcoming adversity despite all the odds. Through story-telling, we create a bridge for humanity and celebrate what connects us, rather than what divides us. You can learn more about The Bond Initiative Here.

In furtherance of our partnership, Holt’s president and CEO Phil Littleton was a featured speaker at the 3rd Annual Corporate Responsibility Summit in Houston hosted by the National Diversity Council, the Council for Corporate Responsibility, and sponsored by Capgemini and Schlumberger.