Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM) Activities Guide for Students

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CREATE is Capgemini’s Asian Employee Resource Group. The acronym stands for Collaborating to Reach Excellence in Asian Talent & Expertise.

CREATE is Capgemini’s Asian Employee Resource Group. The acronym stands for Collaborating to Reach Excellence in Asian Talent & Expertise. CREATE’s mission is to facilitate mutual cultural understanding, knowledge transfer, and professional development among Capgemini NA’s Asian team members and their Non-Asian counterparts.

As with all of the ERGs in Capgemini’s program (11 in total), CREATE’s objectives are aligned with a concept referred to as the 4C’s.  Activities planned by the ERGs must connect with 1 or more of the 4C’s to ensure maximum benefit to Capgemini employees and our business.  The 4C’s are:

  • Commerce;
  • Culture;
  • Career; and
  • Community.

Capgemini NA and the CREATE ERG are excited to celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM), which is recognized in the month of May.  In support of this focus, the CREATE ERG created (no pun intended!) this guide that can be used by parents, caregivers, and educators to create awareness for APAHM among children and students.  Enjoy!

Kindergarten through Third Grade

Crafty Classroom Culture

Help students create Cultural Symbols like the Chinese dragon, puppet paper plate hand fans, Japan Lanterns etc. to display throughout the classroom in honor of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.

“Crack the Egg for Unity” – Visual support of diversity & inclusion messages

Provide students with white and brown eggs. Ask the students what differences they notice between eggs. When they answer the color of the shell, crack the egg open and show the students how the eggs are the same on the inside even though they different on the outside. It makes strong impact on students reinforcing that we are more alike than we are different.

Age of Empires: Drama Competition

Help students to create a brief skit to re-enact an important Asian American History fact.

Short Biographies with Long Impact   

Help students create a book with short biographies of famous Asian pacific Americans in history.

Fourth and Fifth Grade

Beyond the Time: Poster Presentation

Arrange a poster presentation event which shows the creative timeline of Asian Pacific American History.

Flavors of Asia: Cultural Food Festival

Organize a class lunch which includes variety of food representing a variety of dishes from the different cultures of Asia.

Art from Words

Help students select quotes from influential Asian Pacific Americans in history, and then help them to create a piece of art to represent that quote and what it means to them.

Middle School

From the Past to the Future: Fusion Dance Competition

Set up a group or individual dance competition which depicts the classical and modern dance techniques of different cultures within Asian Heritage.

Poetry & culture

Have the students learn about Chang-Rae Lee and other authors and poets of Asian heritage.  The students can then create their own short story or poem and share their inspiration with the class.

Rapid Fire: 1 Minute Facts

Help students to prepare 1 Minute facts about the history, culture, and contributions connected to Asian American Heritage.

Relive the Past: Visit a Museum

Visit to a museum or art gallery with exhibits rich in Asian and American History.


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