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Building on powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI), it’s just a matter of asking a question in a natural language and an application service will respond.

Say what? Every day, new and exciting applications pop up that don’t look like traditional applications. Actually, sometimes you can’t even see them at all. Building on powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI), it’s just a matter of asking a question in a natural language and an application service will respond. Application bots may involve spoken dialogue or messages and emoticons. Its technological capabilities can seriously diminish the number of applications on a desktop or a mobile device and reduce the number of applications you need to manage. Close your Windows: the Bots are here.


· Virtual assistants apply Artificial Intelligence to recognize and produce natural language and act as a front-end to application services. They can be used from the desktop, the smart phone, the car, or through a dedicated device such as Amazon’s Echo.
· Messaging apps apply similar technology to recognize and produce text and even emoticons; they can be integrated with existing chat platforms or built as stand-alone applications.
· The application services needed typically stay “under the hood” and require back-office applications to be redesigned as micro services and APIs.


· With Odigo’s Voice App, customers can browse, coordinate, and perform services. By using speech analytics, the emotional state of a caller can also be identified and acted upon.
· Several banks now allow their clients to use the virtual assistant of their phone to conduct financial transactions.
· Using the Chinese WeChat messenger interface, 200 million customers already can pay a bill on the spot, transfer money, book a restaurant table, order a taxi, or collaborate with colleagues.


· Opportunities for better, timelier, and more efficient customer service as well as employee productivity.
· Obtaining better understanding of customer needs and sentiments.
· Better leverage and use of back-office (legacy) applications.
· Opportunities to simplify and rationalize the existing application landscape.


Customer Service interaction
Capgemini Odigo, IPSoft Amelia

Voice assistant platforms
Microsoft Cortana, Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa

Voice assistant devices
Amazon Echo, Google Home

Text assistant platforms
WeChat Open Platform, Microsoft Bot Framework, Facebook Messenger Platform

Contributing expert: Frank Wammes
Here’s the full overview

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