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Add AI to an app, a process, a product, a service, or even a thing, and it will quite likely grow both smarter and better.

No need to race against the machine. Breakthroughs in deep learning and raw computing power are fueling the renaissance of AI and Machine Intelligence, resulting in spectacular progress in the areas of audio, video, image, and text processing. These are human-like, cognitive capabilities, but AI can also absorb and reason around complex data in unearthly ways, surpassing what the human brain can deal with. As such, the mission of AI is to augment your personal and business world. Add AI to an app, a process, a product, a service, or even a thing, and it will quite likely grow both smarter and better. You decide how fast and to what extent AI will do this. After all, these are still “machines” and they’ll do what you told them.


· Artificial (or Machine) Intelligence is progressing rapidly due to increased computing power and superior software, notably in the area of neural networks-based deep learning; AI is often only an API call or web service away.
· AI is best illustrated by its cognitive capabilities coupled with human-like capabilities such as image recognition, understanding, speech production, complex text analysis, and —most notably—gaming strategy.
· Pattern matching also enables split-second, “fuzzy” decision making based on huge amounts of parallel data.
· AI works best by collaborating with humans rather than replacing them; in either case, ethical dilemmas will surface.


· Capgemini brings more IQ to its own (BPO) business services through combining an automation of process steps with AI-enabled analysis and resolution of service requests. It also uses cognitive capabilities to facilitate complex contract management, optimize people matching for assignments, and drastically speed up testing.
· A large financial clearing house uses cognitive natural language capabilities to turn piles of unstructured financial brochures into 80 well-defined data points.
· AI-powered drones combine image recognition and supervised learning to automatically count and control stocks in large warehouses.


· Cost effectiveness, improved productivity and higher quality through “smart” automation of human tasks
· Capturing and leveraging collective knowledge as well as decreasing the dependency on undocumented, individual expertise and experience
· Adding “IQ” to products, services, and devices or even “things,” making them more conversational, autonomous, and accurate
· Ultimately enabling entirely new business models


AI and Machine Intelligence platforma
AWS AI Services, IBM Watson Cognitive, Microsoft Cognitive Services, Google TensorFlow, Loop AI Labs, Salesforce Einstein, Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Applications, SAP Clea

AI solutions
RAVN, Celaton, IBM Watson Knowledge Studio, Narrative Science natural language

AI (open source) platforms
Facebook AI Research, OpenAI Gym

Contributing expert: Ron Tolido
Here’s the full overview

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