Innovation driven accelerated Digital Transformation Model

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RIGHT is moving LEFT and LEFT is moving RIGHT with different recipes to address the digital continuum.

Around this time last year, I began a discussion about the battle of the LEFT and RIGHT brain approach to Digital engagement solutions. LEFT being the Agencies and creative design houses, and RIGHT being Strategy Consulting firms and  Systems Integrators. This battle continues…increasingly RIGHT is moving LEFT and LEFT is moving RIGHT with different recipes to address the digital continuum.

But how are we approaching this? In our efforts to obtain that needed equilibrium, Capgemini has chosen to apply a unique “Innovation” driven agenda. Utilizing key acquisitions such as F212 (2016) and Idean (2017) in the innovation strategy and design space to complement Backelite, a digital service design capability, coupled with our Strategy consulting… means we are offering our clients the best of both.

This methodology is very apparent, for example, in our approach around innovation. We firmly believe Innovation should drive real and immediate business impact. As such, we have invested heavily to build a network of Applied Innovation Exchange’s (AIE) that enable organizations to benefit from its Applied Innovation concept; a process enabling a competitive advantage in today’s fast-paced  market landscape by compressing  discovery to deployment of innovation cycle time… As a side note – we proudly  launched our 10th AIE at Singapore!

The AIE has five components to serve client companies. The key tenets are,

1) a framework to provide discipline and rigor to the Applied Innovation process;

2) A global network of exchanges, which are uniquely designed spaces that provide an immersive and transformative environment, as well as the infrastructure to innovate at speed and scale;

3) A global curated partner ecosystem that ranges from startups and academics to the largest technology providers to ensure an accelerated path to access, co-develop, and apply innovation;

4) Provision of insight, based on our innovation expertise in sectors, emerging technologies, digital transformation, design, prototyping and IP to power the innovation process;

5) Engagement and co-location to provide an immersive Applied Innovation experience optimizing speed and performance in an environment built for and operated exclusively for delivering the promise.

We are showcasing a few market leading solutions in key sectors like Financial Services, CPR and Life Sciences at the show. Come meet with us at Las Vegas during the ADOBE Summit from March 19th thru 23rd. Meet our Experts to shape your customer experience journey.

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