Why Mentoring Matters by Lisa Kastner

On my fortieth birthday, I loaded my Mini Cooper and drove from Philadelphia to Los Angeles in order to start a new life. Since my fiancé traveled through Asia, my best friend joined me on the five day journey. I had already gone through Capgemini’s onboarding the weekend before. I had received my company laptop and access to the network. I had access badges for the company I would support and for my new company.

We drove for 14 hours a day, only stopping for food and to gawk at national monuments. We took pictures of the St. Louis Arch and ate Texas BBQ. As we passed through Arizona into California, I could feel my world change. I had left a huge network of friends who were more like family to work for a company I admired with the chance to consult with world leading companies.

We emptied the sparse boxes from my car into the temporary apartment. My best friend flew home and I sat on the floor noshing on takeout noodles in anticipation of the following Monday. My first day at work reminded me of the world that I knew on the East Coast and this new world in the West Coast. New company, new clients, new home, new everything.

I decided I needed help in grounding into this new world. So, I turned to my friendly Capgemini intranet and discovered Mentoring Matters. All I needed was someone to explain Capgemini to me. How we work, what we do, where we do it, who to go to, and so on. What I got was a great mentor who taught me about the industry I supported, the company I worked in, and all of the fantastic opportunities among.

Mentoring can be more than simply getting together and picking someone’s thoughts on how to get promoted. A great mentor will be a friend and help you navigate more than the work environment, but help you navigate your world. Or my brave new one.

Lisa is one of our Service Delivery leaders in North America. She provides services in the media and entertainment as well as consumer products, retail, and distribution sectors.