Digital Transformation is surely a catchy phase and today Business and Technology space is quite upbeat about digital and understandably so. However, what we often miss is that for businesses taking the Digital journey, it is not about isolated stories of adopting an IoT or a BigData or a Predictive Analytics. Such a transformation needs much more fundamental changes.

Digital Transformation is more about how we make the holistic set of right moves which necessitates changes across all levels of the business and hence IT/applications/platforms. We believe there are three fundamental steps to the transformation.


However, to realize the true value for business, the order of implementation of the above steps is very important.

So it’s imperative that we get the first step correct to ensure that we draw value from the next steps of investments, be it either by a Chief Digital Officer (CDO) or a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) or a Chief Information Officer (CIO). For most organizations these investments translate to a SAP Platform (Thanks to SAP’s popularity !!).  With SAP, businesses have the greatest chance of achieving this vision, due to the simple fact that SAP is most comprehensive and complete in terms of supporting such a vision.

SAP launched SAP S/4 HANA in 2015 and has positioned it as “ The Digital Core” – an ERP platform which makes it possibile to run digital processes complemented by platforms such as SAP Cloud Platform that  further allows to bring in rapid digital led customer specific business innovations.

We at Capgemini understand that our customers need specific help in this journey.

How can Capgemini help?

The answer is Highway to S4 – with one simple goal “Help customers get the best out of their SAP S/4 HANA adoption”


  •          Realize business value of S/4 HANA.
  •          Help at every point of the journey – crafting the adoption approach, preconfigured scenarios, re-usable artifacts on S/4 HANA value scenarios etc.

Sounds Interesting? The good news is that, this year we are at CeBIT, please visit our booth at CeBIT 20th-24th March and we would be happy to take you through.