A new company, a new challenge, and some new priorities. But just like all CISOs, I have one consistent focus: to be as rigorous as possible when it comes to cybersecurity.

So, when I was told about a whole raft of new apps the company was launching next quarter, I knew I had to get to work quickly to ensure robust testing was part of the process.

That’s when I met with Philippa. She heads up Quality Assurance in the ‘New Digital Product Launches’ division. She was under pressure to get the suite of new apps ready and launched as soon as possible.

We teamed up to review the current arrangements, and I advised her that security testing had to be high on her priority list, despite the time pressures.

App security is not something that can be compromised. I’ll be frank ― I was a little concerned. While the testing environment appeared generally good, like most companies, it was still reliant on pen testing. This often occurs too late in the process to pick up security issues. So it can’t solely be relied on to protect new apps against dynamic modern cyber-threats.

I’d worked with Capgemini successfully in the past, so knew about its Application Security Testing Service. I got back in touch to set up a discussion.

It can be tough to test multiple apps against changing cyber-threats thoroughly, especially when you’re against the clock ― and on a budget. But that’s what Capgemini’s service is set up to do.

Let’s just say Capgemini’s Application Security Testing Service delivered.

Find out more about Capgemini’s game-changing service here.