MFGPath goes IoT to deliver Proofecy 2.0

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You have heard it before; Capgemini deliver a complete wall to wall ERP-solution in 16 weeks.

Yes, we accelerate the MFGPath offering and run project in most European countries at the moment and of course MFGPath is now upgraded to S/4HANA release 1610. But this is bread and butter now; customers want more than a “turn-key ready solution” – they want innovation and new business.

At the moment innovation and new business is tightly connected to IoT and the intelligent way of handling the data that all these “things” create and deliver. Moving forward requires more then a backbone system so now Capgemini deliver, on top of MFGPath, PROOFECY 2.0 – your own crystal ball! Proofecy unlocks the potential of predictive analytics and internet of things to address the problems before you or your customer even think about them connecting sensor data with service operations – see for yourself:

To accelerate the business value for manufacturers we decided that if we offer a pre-configured solution ready to use from start we of course also need a pre-configured IoT setup (good bye PPT).

This means that Capgemini do not only offer the components MFGPath, HANA Cloud Platform, IoT sensors (SW and HW), Fiori apps to run the process and knowledge to build it. No, instead we offer Proofecy as a “turn-key ready solution” on top of MFGPath.

If you don´t believe us, please visit our booth at at SAPPHIRE NOW from May 16-18. Keep in mind this demo is not about SAP or how we can accelerate implementing the project via MFGPath – this demo is about showing your new business!

We bring the system, sensors and ideas while you bring a craving for new business…

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