How can IT4IT accelerate your IT organisation from 0-60mph in 2 sec?

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If TOGAF or IAF was important to an Architect, IT4IT is critical to the CIO or CEO.

IT4IT provides a new framework for all IT organisations [1]– it describes and defines “What” the main services are and “How” an IT organisation should be structured. Why is IT4IT so important? Because it is the first time that we are seeing IT as a Business and IT4IT enables every organisation to significantly speed up, increase quality and provide full value for money.

IT4IT is providing a standard approach for the activities every IT business executes – developing and implementing solutions. Next to aligning the terminology IT4IT also provides a fully business aligned value chain.

Every customer I worked with in the past had his own description of the “solution lifecycle” – so the terms used to describe the steps from strategy to implementation. Some refer to “strategy, plan, define, design, build, test, implement and run”. Others use “pre-project, feasibility, start-up, initiation, delivery, Live Services” etc. They all have one in common – they describe the same steps just using different terms and different scope. In addition majority of IT organisations follow a typical tower based structure, mimicking a model 1 setup; or in other words the structure follows the traditional track of compute, storage, network, service management and governance.

IT4IT addresses these two key issues – terminology and structure – by providing a full reference template that follows the value chain:

Plan, Build, Deliver & Run

Each organisation has an internal IT Team and in the past the IT Team of an organisation was/is covering project and service delivery (design, build and run) that is typically aligned to the CFO and targeted at standard SLA (Service Level Agreements) and KPI (Key Performance Indicator) – the IT was a cost centre delivering / contributing minimal business value. As IT was an internal backoffice based cost centre it followed the typical tower based structure, encouraging deep technical focus with very limited business related appreciations.

Today this has changed; many organisations have realised that IT provides real business value – and for many IT is the Business. And that means that the IT has to reorganise along planning, building, delivering and running related aspects. IT has to clearly contribute towards the overall business objective and goal; it has to provide recognisable business value in form of either direct contribution and / or delivering direct business relevant products and services. And this means that the internal IT organisation has to become a product and service partner to the business.

There is another value of IT4IT – its impartiality. IT4IT has been developed over many years now by a number of different companies under the guidance and facilitation of The Open Group. Its openness means that any person / organisation could (and still can) contribute plus the framework is not “hard wired” to a product or a vendor, leaving consumers of IT4IT independent and free of potential vendor implementation restrictions.


IT4IT provides organisations with a digital accelerator by establishing a common terminology, a tested and open operating model and an independent and unbiased reference structure; it automatically paves the way for faster delivery, increased quality and significantly improved value for money.

If TOGAF or IAF was important to an Architect, IT4IT is critical to the CIO or CEO.

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About the Author: Gunnar Menzel has been an IT professional for over 25 years and is VP and Chief Architect Officer for Capgemini’s Cloud Infrastructure Business. According to Richtopia Gunnar is one of the Top 50 most influential Information Technology Officer. His main focus is business – enabling technology transformation & innovation.

Reference : [1] Open Group IT4IT


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