Empowerment and Work Life Balance-My Key to Success

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​I think for both men and women, success is also about finding a balance between work and life.

My name is Cyndi Lago and I lead the Supply Chain Technology group within the Business Transformation Service (BTS) practice in Capgemini, North America. In my 5 years with Capgemini my proudest achievement is having supported our Supply Chain practice grow by 500%. While driving this growth I got the opportunity to present at multiple conferences, webinars, and Gartner facilitated functions. I was also honored the ‘Capgemini Delivery Excellence Award’ and nominated for the ‘Women’s Leadership Development Program’ for 2013 and also received recognition from the ‘National Association of Professional Women’ for demonstrating excellence and dedication within my profession.

As a leader within the Capgemini family I maintain focus on Capgemini Core Values while developing the people in my team which has resulted in their professional growth. I have tried to create a network of captains at each organizational grade to inspire and instill excellence. Understanding team member strengths at various levels of the organization and empowering them through cross-functional training opportunities that develops them to realize their full potential are the things that I believe can lead us to become a formidable force in the marketplace.

Being a woman professional, I believe that both men and women are capable based on their skills and experience. Women tend to be big on team building and compassion; they also have the ability to multi-task and gather information from all sides to understand issues and recommend solutions based on the information at hand. Along with gender diversity I believe that we should support our organizational aspiration for equality by finding ways to work differently and thinking outside the box. My key message to all my colleagues is to lead by example and live by ‘team spirit’, which is one of our core seven values. Have a supportive leadership style and make time on a daily basis to connect with your team. Focus on mentoring and coaching individual team members which will help them grow professionally.

I think for both men and women, success is also about finding a balance between work and life. Hence, it is important to unplug and recharge yourself so you are in the best state to face the challenges at work.

Growing up on a farm meant being surrounded by a way of life where work naturally integrated into life and made me realize that when you love what you do, work seems a lot easier. Princess Diana is one of the most inspirational women for me because she was passionate about her work, loved what she did and had a lot of compassion for things around her.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson

I think that Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best; these words give me the strength to face difficult situations. I think it also exemplifies what makes Capgemini a great place to work: the strength, compassion and collaboration of our team.

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