Oracle Procurement Cloud Blog Part II: Business Speed; The transformation from turtle into hare

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If IT wants to stay in the game they need to speed up and transform from a turtle into a hare. Once they have done that there is just one thing to do to stay ahead in the game:  Don’t fall asleep.

In these series of Oracle Procurement Cloud blogs we are sharing our experience on what we have learned during our Procurement Cloud implementation. Last week we wrote a blog on the Go live of our project, this week we will going into the topic of business speed.

Do you know the fairytale of the turtle and the hare? It’s the one where the turtle and the hare have a race to see who is the fastest. The hare brags about how fast he is and dares the turtle because the hare is convinced he will beat the turtle. In the end the turtle wins because the hare had fallen asleep for a long period and falls too far behind.

The world of ERP Cloud implementations often seems one which is far away and by some it still considered a fairytale and too good to be true but I can tell you from experience it is reality!

We started our project and had our first meeting with our project team in September 2016 where I was told that there was an urgent business need. The procurement business was coping with a fast paced digital era and needed to keep up. The business velocity and ambition to realize savings quickly and work more efficiently with suppliers required a solution that could support this.

Till today I was told procurement spends a majority of its time understanding business needs and building partnerships with suppliers; this  consumes a lot of their time. Also there is no harmonized global process and focus on strategic sourcing. Procurement was aware that in order to realize savings and work more efficiently with suppliers, we needed a streamlined global process  as well as an automated and standardized solution to support it. Hence the need  to deliver a solution before the end of 2016.

As mentioned earlier, it was already half way through to September when the requirement came up, so that left us with only three months to commence the project including its design and implementation! You can imagine that this felt like a fairytale…

Another complexity was the IT organization which can move as slow as a turtle while the business requirement acts as fast as the hare. Innovations should be delivered at a pace it can be consumed in order to drive it. In this case the challenge was that the business wanted to consume fast but IT did not have much appetite.

Because we were aware of the IT constraint, we also knew we needed a solution fast so we looked for alternative ways. We asked ourselves the question: can we do this without the IT organization? Can we  have a temporary solution in place so  as to fulfill the urgent business need?

While brainstorming we very soon we came to the conclusion to go for a Procurement Cloud implementation, completely driven by the business side. It would be a complete standard solution that  would be mature enough  to offer all that was needed. The solution was decided, but we starting debating on whether we should be thinking of a long term solution or should we use a temporary one. But at a certain moment we decided to just do it. So that’s a word of good advice: don’t spend too much time talking or discussing about it, just do it. It turned that out we made a good decision because within a three months’ time frame we were able to implement this. So no fairytale after all!

With a traditional Oracle e-Business Suite implementation this is almost impossible. However, since we are switching to the world of Cloud implementations this does mean a big shift for IT departments. The IT departments need to rethink on how they can execute and staff projects like these in order to transform into the new world of Cloud implementations.

If IT wants to stay in the game they need to speed up and transform from a turtle into a hare. Once they have done that there is just one thing to do to stay ahead in the game:  Don’t fall asleep…

Next week we will be writing a blog on the organization model within Oracle Procurement Cloud and the things we came across in that area.


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