Hyperloop recently announced the establishment of a 38,000 sqft Innovation R&D center in Toulouse, France.  The city is recognized as the European capital of the aerospace industry with nearly a quarter of European jobs in the space sector based there. 

Toulouse is known as a ‘city of innovation’, and is home to academics, researchers, and industry professionals.This is one of the many reasons Hyperloop TT decided to innovate in Toulouse and where Capgemini has established one of its 12 Applied Innovation Exchanges.

Elon Musk first outlined the Hyperloop project as a new type of train technology that combines magnetic levitation with reduced-pressure tubes. Trains that operate inside of tubes would be able to go much faster than existing high speed trains—in fact, at speeds of up to 1,200 km/h.

The city of Toulouse is providing Hyperloop TT a small facility at Francazal Airport to work on its prototypes and test them on the outdoor terrain near the airport. An investment of $40 million is expected over the next five years, according to the company’s executives. With the addition of Hyperloop TT to Toulouse, the region is expected to grow and produce even more innovative breakthroughs in the near future.

Capgemini’s relationship with Hyperloop TT dates back to September 2016, when the COO, Andres de Leon performed a keynote at the Capgemini Week of Innovation Networks. The possibilities for future collaborations are even brighter with potential projects on, Digital Manufacturing, Mixed Reality, 3D Engineering, Innovation Hackathons or Factory of the Future. Through this, Capemini, a 50-year young company, demonstrates once again its ability to team up with the most innovative companies. Let us all share the news to drive more start-ups into applying to the Innovators Race 50 competition.

Watch the welcome video from our Applied Innovation Exchange in Toulouse.

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