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Women LEAD is a network for all Capgemini colleagues (women and men) in North America who want to build and promote a community of people who respect each other’s skills and experience regardless of gender.

I am posting this blog on behalf of Capgemini’s Women Lead Employee Resource Group, authored by Kristell Muniz, a Houston Office Women LEAD Leader.


Women LEAD is a network for all Capgemini colleagues (women and men) in North America who want to build and promote a community of people who respect each other’s skills and experience regardless of gender. It enables the communication of: women’s focused activities, the value these activities/initiatives have for the greater good of Capgemini, and the positive impact to our business.

In 2016 Women LEAD will continue to focus around the 4Cs: Culture, Career, Commerce and Community.

As a Community, Women LEAD will increase alignment with Women@Capgemini; interviewing senior leaders for their perspectives in addition to supporting the active local offices with their activities.

To create further impact for our members’ Careers, Women LEAD will engage with the Women Leadership Development Program (WLDP) while also creating the “What’s in it for me” model, which strengthens the Commerce business case.

With the launch of “Lean In with Capgemini” groups, Women LEAD will help develop the Diversity & Inclusion Culture at a local and regional level to deliver these initiatives.


As part of Global Community Engagement week, North America is spotlighting the impact Capgemini employees have made in the community in 2016.  One effort that we want to highlight is our partnership with the Cottage Shop, an organization that provides a source of income for The Women’s Home.

Capgemini’s Women LEAD Houston chapter has volunteered at the Cottage Shop for the past two years and built relationships with the Cottage Shop personnel. In 2016, we volunteered approximately 60 hours help of 11 Capgemini employees and their family members.  The Women’s Home was also a recipient of a 2016 Capgemini Community Impact Award.



Employee Testimonials:

“The best part about volunteering at the Cottage Shop is, without a doubt, the people – their compassion, determination, and resilience. I volunteer to help fund the Women’s Home’s rehabilitation program, yet I always leave the Cottage Shop with a renewed sense of hope and life, which comes from volunteers, workers, and the clients of the Women’s Home. What they do for our community, in my opinion, is empowering and motivational. The selection of apparel doesn’t hurt either” – Jacquelyn Nguyen

“After recently joining Capgemini in late July, one of my favorite things that I have become a part of so far is the Monthly Volunteering event at the Cottage Shop in Houston. Once a month a group of us from the Women LEAD Employee Resource Group go out to their store and help sort through the many donations they received that week. It’s not only a great way to give back to the Women’s Shelter (the organization that the Cottage Shop supports) but it’s always a good time. Volunteering with my coworkers there has been a great way to get to know them and connect with them on more of a personal level. I am looking forward to volunteering with the Cottage Shop again monthly in 2017.” – Federica Earl


Kristell Muniz is an SAP SuccessFactors Consultant focusing on recruiting, onboarding, workforce analytics, and social collaboration. She is currently on a year long rotational program with the Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability team. Kristell has been active in Diversity & Inclusion since joining Capgemini and is the Co-Lead for Houston’s Women LEAD group. Kristell has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Psychology from Trinity University. Her interest include long-distance running, volunteering in her community, and attending local fine art events

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