Sitting between Black Friday and Christmas makes me wonder what deals are not available on the internet – just about anything can be found using search engines like Google or Baidu, and almost anything can be bought for a price. Apart from cars.

In a strange way  we are more comfortable buying used cars online than new cars. Or is it that there are just more used car sites than new car sales sites on the internet? Why would we use the channel to buy something that has already been used rather than something that is fresh off the production line and under warranty?

The reason is probably less about the product or the consumer, and more about dealers and car manufacturers being worried as to how this will impact their traditional way of selling cars. In the Cars Online Trend Study just released by Capgemini, it shows that 75% of consumers are open to buy cars online, and don’t see any insurmountable reasons why this should not be possible.

The door seems to be wide open for someone brave to drive through and seize the opportunity. Because the study also shows that consumers are very open to cross-selling and up-selling using the digital channel, often more so than in a retail store.

Let’s hope the industry takes this study seriously, before we find they need to sell all the November and December stock in the January sales at heavily discounted prices.