Digital Transformation definition spans across a wide arena of problem solving from business transformation all the way to infrastructure. Based on the context of problem solving the illustration and narration vary. While we achieve a holistic transformation each of the stake holders is one part of the whole puzzle. The integration of all of the approaches is the realization of a digital transformation.

I have taken a B2C Shopping experience journey and tried to explain the various tiers of problem solving. The fundamental approach of a digital problem solving is a prescriptive approach that weaves together the various themes of customer delight with a certain set of levers we prioritize to tune to achieve the transformation. This is a tentative illustration on a common business problem that gets adapted into various retail business’ objectives. 

This infographics may not address the depth of the problem solving, however provides a teaser view of where the focus areas are.

There was a restriction on the image size for the portal, hence a high resolution PDF is available here or on click of the embedded image