Digitally Transforming Sales: Business Benefits Enabled By New Platforms

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Digital sales transformation is not just about implementing a cloud sales platform: you need to rethink the way you conduct business, consider your broader digital transformation journey and manage the integration into your legacy environment.

Great sales are powered by great sales managers selecting what accounts to focus on and making important strategic decisions. But if processes and systems aren’t integrated, that manager can’t get the visibility they need to do their job. And in turn, sales reps are left to improvise, with little strategic direction. In today’s connected digital world, sales operations must be performed in real time, to enable faster business allowing sales people to be able to react to ever changing environments and demands on their systems. Disparate applications from different vendors as well the use of old technologies create information silos or simply a lack of relevant information that you’re your sales team from getting the data they need, and as a result, sales performance suffers.

The need for digital transformation

Organizations battling with these information lags often look to a digital sales transformation program. The first step in digital transformation involves rethinking your organization’s mission to generate more revenue and create compelling customer experiences that keep orders coming. This is where highly complex traditional back-end systems are being streamlined and integrated into new business models that serve the needs of businesses and their customers through every available physical and digital channel. Several vendors now offer platforms to help connect these different silos and systems. Claiming that “Digital is the new normal”, SAP provides its SAP Hybris Cloud For Sales (C4C) platform to help organizations sell smarter, anytime, anywhere.

Transforming with SAP

SAP Hybris Cloud For Sales allows organizations to connect information from multiple systems from multiple vendors in a cloud platform available on all devices. From account management and lead generation to quote and order generation, SAP Hybris Cloud For Sales digitizes all core processes under a single pane of glass. As a cloud platform, it’s seamlessly updated with new features and integrations every quarter – with limited or no downtime for users. And as a subscription-based platform, there are limited upfront costs.

SAP Hybris Cloud For Sales in action

One customer of ours has implemented SAP Hybris Cloud For Sales as part of a wider digital transformation initiative. This customer is a global manufacturer based in the UK, and began transforming its processes in 2014 after having non-integrated systems limit visibility. It wanted a clearer view of where its pipeline was coming from, and looked to SAP to help connect the dots. The SAP Hybris C4C platform has already helped it:

  • Harmonise sales processes globally across more than 65 countries with over 12 languages. Encompassing lead to quote as well as account planning and supplementary processes.
  • Seamlessly integrated 18 different ERP solutions to provide the pricing, Availability information, credit check data and previous order history. Utilising SAP HCI (HANA Cloud Integration) to enable this.
  • Real time pricing across device and on a modern rich responsive UI framework for quote generation and output
  • Ensured ongoing change management to help transform the business via adoption metrics
  • Leveraging SAP Jam for internal sales collaboration and networking

Great platforms need great partners

SAP Hybris has helped the customer integrate both SAP ECC and other non-SAP ERP systems, break down silos and offer sales teams better visibility for converting sales opportunities into wins. But deploying the platform is only one part of the sales transformation puzzle. Many vendors can provide a platform, but organizations looking to truly transform processes need a partner that can help them through their digital transformation journey. Depending on the organization’s business, transformation project and requirements, the digital sales transformation partner must offer more than just SAP Hybris deployment: assisting with strategic, business and technical consultancy, package selection, business case development, proof of concept development, as well as change management, training and communications. This is where organizations should look at partners who can speak the same business language, understand the organization’s specific goals and challenges, bring a true digital transformation vision and experience, as well as the ability to help across the complete solution lifecycle.

Are you considering a sales digital transformation program?

If you’re facing similar data silos, poor visibility and integration challenges, a digital transformation program could help. If you want your transformation to be successful though, you’ll need the right software platform and the right partner to help you realize its potential: seamless integration into your business, process and IT environment, and true impact on your sales performance and your revenue growth.

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