Oracle OpenWorld is the yearly event in San Francisco with 40.000-50.000 attendants hearing the latest of the latest of all Oracle technologies. In a week’s time the sessions, presentations, demo-labs and discussions with product development on the demo grounds information is shared and discussed. As the focus of Oracle is completely on Cloud, we’ll be covered in SaaS, PaaS and IaaS components (again) this year. Oracle recognises specialists for their technical expertise as Oracle ACE, and give them the opportunity to discuss with Oracle Product management before Oracle OpenWorld the roadmap and experiences. From Capgemini a group of technology experts are joining and presenting at Oracle OpenWorld. We’ve summarised their focus for Oracle OpenWorld, and after (and during) Oracle OpenWorld we will share our latest insights in the movement of Oracle. 
Luis Weir, ACE Director in SOA and API Management
My focus in OOW16 will be on what I like to call SOA 2.0: Microservices, API Management and Cloud Integration. I am doing 3 sessions this year on related topics -2 in collaboration with Oracle Product Management. In these sessions I will be talking useful definitions, reference architectures and most importantly relevant use cases. I hope that by the end of OOW I would’ve not only shared useful knowledge to the community but also gained knowledge specially around what other organisations and Oracle ACE’s are doing in this space that can help us further enhancing our solutions and view points.
Johan Louwers, ACE Director in Linux, Virtualization and Open Source 
My focus in OOW16 will be primarily on the product direction and the strategy of how Oracle will marry both on-premise applications and cloud solutions. My focus will be primarily on the level of automation and integration needed to build a truly hybrid experience for our customers. In general more and more customers adopt a hybrid strategy where they will be running parts on-premise or in other cloud while at the same time consuming services from the Oracle Cloud. Ensuring we can marry those worlds and provide a true single experience to our customers is the challenge we will face over the upcoming years. It is expected Oracle will keep moving forward in resolving this and providing new solutions for it.
Léon Smiers, ACE in Oracle SOA, BPM and Case Management
The focus of Oracle is completely on Cloud, still most of our clients are based on-premise. What does Oracle offer to make it easier for our clients to make the move to cloud. My focus will be at the integration tooling, how can on-premise and cloud be easily combined. Another part my interest is in the case management area. Jeroen, Remco and I will present on bringing case management functionality with Service Cloud and PCS  based upon experiences in the field. I’m looking at the various aspects of case management is evolving in the Oracle Cloud, with PaaS components PCS, MCS, Application Builder but also at Service Cloud and CRM functionality.
Victor Jimenez, Global Oracle Alliance tech Lead
My focus at OOW is all cloud products (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, industry/sector solutions) with interest in roadmaps, client adoption and lessons learned, and how clients are positioning cloud. I’d like to understand how clients are embarking on the cloud journey (through SaaS, building PaaS, or moving workloads). For PaaS, I’d like to learn how each of the services categories (application development, integration, data management, business analytics, mobile, content, process, and management) are being implemented, API Management, and service governance.
Remco Stolp, Oracle Service Cloud expert
My focus at OOW16 will be integrations and extensions regarding the CX cloud proposition. Next to the presentation I will do together with Léon and Jeroen on the extension of Service Cloud with Process Cloud, I will specifically be looking at the (native) integrations between the various products with or without Integration Cloud Service. As said the other part of my focus will be towards extensions of the vanilla implementations for example through Process Cloud.
Jeroen van Essen, Oracle Fusion Middleware / PaaS specialist
This year is my first time at Oracle OpenWorld so after hearing great stories for years now I’m really excited to go. Especially since I’m also going to give a presentation with Léon Smiers and Remco Stolp about case management and best practices in a hybrid environment.  My focus will be on PaaS and how it can support SaaS and on-premise products. Other things I would like to find out more about is how Oracle is implementing machine learning in their products and the roadmap for PaaS and how the different PaaS products can be combined. I’m also very keen on meeting product management and to have discussions around their vision on the fusion middleware stack.