My First Day

On March 27th, reality set in when the wheels went up on an American Airlines flight from Dallas Fort Worth International Airport heading east to Atlanta, Georgia. I was sitting in a window seat towards the back of the airplane wondering what the next chapter of my life was going to look like. I couldn’t’t identify my emotions between anxiousness and excitement, but honestly it was probably both. Months ago I had just graduated from college, weeks ago I had traveled the East Coast with my family, and days ago I had just moved into my very first apartment in Dallas, Texas. Life was surreal and tomorrow I was going to be starting my first job out of college. Throughout my time at school I had always thought about becoming a consultant. There was something that lured me in when I first spoke with recruiters my sophomore year. They talked about the various adventures they went on traveling the world, the variety of people they met, and the opportunity to work at some of the top Fortune 500 companies. As each year progressed, I began to envision myself in the “real-world”. After consecutive interviews for a few weeks straight I was torn between two offers… Consulting or Sales. Both fit my personality, and both offered what was considered a “great offer” for graduates. After many pro/con lists and restless nights, I realized what I wanted. I wanted to be free. I wanted to be able to experience different cultures, foods, cities, and entertainment. I wanted to be able to control my own life and not just go through motions. I chose the life of uncertainty. Upon landing in Atlanta and almost picking up the wrong bags, I met a group of strangers that were also heading by shuttle to my first work retreat. I had a few friends in Capgemini that were older but were informative of what to expect. I received the “do this” and “don’t do that” speech, the “what to pack” list, and the “have an open mind”. I jumped in the shuttle and met seven other new hires, all of whom now admit to being just as nervous as the others. I instantly bonded with the other two women on the shuttle as somehow we all got stuck in the back of the van. Upon arrival in Peachtree City, we planned to all have dinner together. I mingled with a few more people that were on earlier flights and met a few of the local Atlanta natives. I went to bed that night more excited than nervous. After meeting just a select few people I had a feeling that the next two weeks were going to be filled with memories that would last a lifetime. The following morning there were 45 of us sitting at breakfast, eating while discussing what was going to be upon us in a matter of minutes. Rumor had it that we were going to be split amongst two separate rooms. We completed ice-breakers, talked about company policies, the usual first day orientation stuff. The day was long, but was essentially trying to get a feel for how we were going to interact within a group. A few of us decided to play racquetball in the hotel gym following our training for the day and later go out to dinner. The days continued to progress and strangers grew into friends. I had never been surrounded by so many people in one amphitheater that held the same values, goals, and personality traits. Everyone I met during training had their own unique identity while complementing one another. I learned about so many international cultures as well as different cultures depending on the geography of the United States. When training came to an end, I was sad to leave everyone. It felt like I had gone to college with everyone and we were all graduating and going our separate ways, but then I realized we would all be able to see each other grow within the company and within themselves. Capgemini has introduced me colleagues that I am able to call friends, and even family. We are all working towards a goal to deliver innovative solutions to our clients while also bettering ourselves as individuals. Out of all my friends outside of Capgemini I feel like I am being setup for success years down the road. Capgemini is not just a job, it is a company where you can build a career. I am able to travel, meet hundreds of diverse individuals, learn about ways to improve client’s technology, and meet friends that will last a lifetime. Consulting for Capgemini isn’t just a job, it’s a place that gives you the opportunity to create your personal brand.

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