Last week, I was interviewed by Peggy Smedley, the voice of IoT, on her podcast radio show to discuss IoT, automation and innovation trends in our connected world. I shared how companies can benefit from automation.

IoT and automation are two of the most rapidly evolving spaces in digital right now and they are currently facing a shift. While once automation had a cost-reduction focus in industries like manufacturing, the thinking has now shifted to speed and high performance.

Companies can only compete in their industries by adopting new technologies and reaching digital evolution quickly. Companies come to Capgemini looking for guidance on how to best execute digital disruption faster and better than their competitors. Peggy asked how we enable our clients to gain this competitive advantage. My answer is: automation creates abundance.

When implementing automation, companies can allow team members to do more innovative things, explore new growth markets, develop new products and services, and delve into developmental research. By automating things like infrastructure, companies can invest in their human resources to benefit the company in the future.

Capgemini promotes automation through our newest solution: Automation Drive – a suite of Capgemini capabilities offering a single center of excellence utilizing best practices in automating business processes.

Automation Drive allows companies to take the burden off of teams and simplify. When our clients do implement Automation Drive into their portfolios, we see growth supported by augmented human capabilities and an abundance of innovation for companies.

Enjoy my short interview with Peggy and share your thoughts in the comments section below.