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Early in January, I had a meeting with Maritime Forum Bergen and started discussing what we could do to promote Bergen, the seafarer city. I was overwhelmed by the passion for Bergen and the maritime history of the city. We all agreed that our inhabitants and tourists should have access to a free and ad-free city guide showcasing our proud maritime history; Of course – it had to be on a mobile.


But why not use Tripadvisor?

Travelling around the world  I have tested a good number of apps, websites and used Google and Tripadvisor to guide myself around. Most of the time I have been disappointed. The experience have either been ruined by ads, branded content or just too much content. When I spend more time planning my city walk than walking – something is wrong. This is how we decided to partner up with The Seafarer Museum in Bergen. They provided expert content to the app, basically digitalizing their own physical city walks. The Maritime City Walks app was born.


Maritime City Walks – 1.01

101 app

Maritim City walk app is a digital city guide that takes the user to the historic maritime sites in Bergen. The app lets the user choose a maritime walk and are guided around using the phone’s GPS location. Stops consist of buildings, vessels or places with special historical maritime value. The post information automatically pops up when the user is within 20 meters from it. In the app you can also reverse a route and share it on Facebook. Best of all, it’s free and with content provided by the expert at Bergen Seafarer Museum you can’t go wrong.

A matter of collaboration

The project is a collaboration where multiple parties have shared their expertise and knowledge whether it is technology or history. – Bergen is an important seafaring city and has a proud maritime history. It’s nice to be able to convey this in a vivid and engaging way through an app.

We hope it will be a hit for both young and old locals in Bergen and visitors to our city, says Anne Oen, CEO of Maritime Forum.


A great partnership for Bergen. Bård Økland, Anne Øen og Hogne Malum Gjersvik. Photo Rolf Wangsholm

Bard Økland from Bergen Maritime Museum agrees. – Our wish at Bergen Maritime Museum is to convey the city’s maritime history from the Middle Ages up to this very day. During the year we have many guided city walks with a maritime theme, especially for schools. 

In cooperation with the Maritime Forum and Capgemini Bergen we have helped to create a free app that provides students, tourists and others interested in local maritime history an opportunity to become better acquainted with the city’s maritime history. Using the app enables you to walk on your own, you now have a digital guide. Creating an app has been a new and positive experience for us at Bergen Maritime Museum in which we hope to futher develop in the future.

The business strategy

It’s great to see our clients being so enthusiastic about Capgemini and what the team have accomplished. Maritime forum are now our loudest supporters in Bergen, promoting us to friends and other business partners. Capgemini providing a good solution – we knew that this would help us build a stronger brand locally, and therefore we invested quite a few hours in the project. But the icing on the cake is definitely that we own all the IP rights. In other words we can resell the solution to any city or private investor that needs an app for guiding and a CMS for publishing content to these. I hope you all come up with some great ideas to expand this solution to your local area. We would love to share our knowledge.

Facts about the app:

• 5 maritime walks in Norwegian and English

• App for both Android and iOS

• Free of charge and adfree

• Historical correct information, supplied by Bergen Seafarer Museum

• Website

• Download the app:




Contact info for reselling the solution:

Geir Lillebø, Business Development Manager

Mobil: +47 928 85 110


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