As a consultant at Capgemini, there will be one time or another you find yourself on the road for work. Whether it is weekly travel to client site, or travel to a conference or training, our occupation is classified by a transient lifestyle. Although this aspect of Capgemini is attractive to many, most employees may not consider the environmental impact of their travel. From jet fuel to hotel toiletries, Capgemini employees may not be aware of the severe environmental impact our jetsetter lives have on the environment. “Green travel” is a term used to describe responsible travel practices that focus on economic, socio-cultural, and environment sustainability. While Capgemini employees may not be able to control the frequency at which they travel, we can take initial steps to becoming more “green” in our travel practices. See below for 4 tips on how to “Go Green” on the road:

  1. Share a rental car with your project team

    • Getting one rental car for 3 people, versus 3 separate rentals, reduces the gasoline output from automobiles as well as amount spent on gasoline and rental car fees.
  2. Bring your own toiletries

    • Hotels typically throw away hotel toiletries that are half empty. In order to avoid this, buy reusable toiletry bottles at your local convenient store and bring your own shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc.
  3. Pack a reusable water bottle

    • Avoid throwing away paper cups or buying plastic water bottles by bringing your own on your travels.
  4. 4. Research your preferred airline’s “Environmental Sustainability” policy

    • As part of Corporate Responsibility initiatives, several airlines follow an Environment Sustainability policy. Delta, for example, publishes an annual Corporate Responsibility Report, which includes its sustainability strategy and data of its performance. Take a look at your airline’s policies and ensure they are doing all they can in order to reduce their impact on the environment.

By simply following these 4 recommendations, you can reduce your footprint on the environment while also maintaining our company’s travel demands. For further questions, please see the below links to help guide you toward a more green travel.

CARES (Community Action, Responsibility, and Environmental Sustainability) – The mission of CARES is to enhance, support and advance Capgemini’s community engagement and environmental sustainability while providing resources to individual employees to pursue the areas of corporate responsibility and sustainability that are important to them.

In addition to supporting a number of local office community projects (i.e., tree plantings and children’s festivals), CARES partners with other ERGs and local office leadership teams to drive efforts in:

Community Programs;

Environmental Sustainability;

Recruitment & Retention;

Pro Bono Consulting Projects;

Capgemini Cares Day

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