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Are you ready to Leap into Big Data yet?

Many of our customers have an ambivalent relationship with Big Data.  On the one hand, they are tempted by the possibilities of Big Data – creating better and faster business decisions, thanks to the ability to analyse, together, huge amount of diverse data, including relational (e.g. DW/BI),  semi-structured (e.g. sensors, IOT, logs), and unstructured (e.g. social, documents).

But on the other hand, materialising this vision – especially at scale –  is generally still seen as being a pretty difficult task: Big Data technology is still relatively new, can be very fragmented, and often not completely mature.

In short: fulfilling the Big Data promise can be a daunting task and many customers are put off by its apparent complexity. 

The reality is that there are some visionary companies that have been undertaking the Big Data journey now for quite a while, and after transforming their relational DW/BI architectures into Hadoop-based modern data landscapes. They are now enjoying the benefits of optimised cost of ownership of their landscape and the ability to make better decisions, enabled by a range of analytics, based on diverse types of data and speeds (up to near real-time).

Before, with the previous generation of DW/BI tools, these benefits were either unachievable or uneconomic – because of the fragmentation and closeness of data and their hosting technologies.

The good news is that now Capgemini has distilled this transformation from traditional DW/BI and reporting capabilities to the Business Data lake; this is our new comprehensive Leap Data Transformation Framework.

What we’ve done is industrialize our data migration and Big Data experience to help our clients make this transformation in a predictable, repeatable and cost-effective manner. Our solution builds specifically on experience gained in major big data implementations using Cloudera Enterprise.

We’ve called this Capgemini’s Leap Data Transformation Framework – as we believe transitioning to modern data landscapes is for most, if not all, enterprises, a real Quantum Leap – one that brings data-led insights to a new level of energy and effectiveness.

Want to hear more about Capgemini’s Leap Data Transformation Framework? Stay tuned!



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