As we approach IDC Utilities Summit, I’m struck by what an exciting moment the industry finds itself in. For Utilities, the stakes have never been higher. New technologies, business models, competitors, and regulations are all putting disruptive pressure on the sector like never before.

That’s why I am pleased to host a discussion around Business Transformation Models at the summit. Capgemini has done pioneering work on designing new utility models, and we’re fascinated to lead a group of the finest minds in a spirited debate.

Within the discussion we hope to cover a lot of important ground. Firstly, we’ll look at the sense of urgency with which utilities are approaching their need to innovate or die. Nearly 80% of executives have told the IDC that new business models are their first challenge. How and why they respond will be are the heart of the panel.

Another output of the panel could very well be an analysis of the business opportunities afforded those who get innovation right. With investment in new models and new technologies, will companies need to adjust their balance sheet, or expect new revenue streams?

Finally, the risks and outside forces shaping the industry must be dealt with. Not only are new competitors, like Google, appearing from outside the sector, but the landscape of international governmental regulation is undergoing a major shift with the COP21 accords.

All of these factors assure us the utilities industry has quite a bit to think about and discuss. I am looking forward to the event, and hope to bring you more on the panel soon!

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