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Capgemini North America (NA) endorses 11 Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) that support our Diversity & Inclusion program. An ERG can be thought of as a network of colleagues with a common purpose. Any employee can join an ERG, or create a new ERG.  Currently, there are approximately 1,300 Capgemini NA employees who participate in one […]

Capgemini North America (NA) endorses 11 Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) that support our Diversity & Inclusion program. An ERG can be thought of as a network of colleagues with a common purpose. Any employee can join an ERG, or create a new ERG. 

Currently, there are approximately 1,300 Capgemini NA employees who participate in one of our ERGs. Employees are encouraged to support the ERG program in one of the following ways:

·         Join an ERG;

·         Offer a training/presentation to an ERG;

·         Attend ERG sponsored events/webinars and encourage others to do the same;

·         Share information about ERGs to new employees and recruits; and

·         Recognize employees who you work with for their support of ERG.

The ERGs’ objectives are aligned with a concept referred to as the 4C’s. Activities planned by the ERGs must connect with one or more of the 4C’s to ensure maximum benefit to Capgemini employees and our business. The 4C’s are:

·         Commerce;

·         Culture;

·         Career; and

·         Community.

Each ERG has a dynamic leadership team who works to make a positive impact for its members, and Capgemini employees more broadly. Below is the list of ERGs, their missions, and highlights of their 2016 efforts.

A3 (Pronounced “A cubed”) – The mission of A3 is to further the development of Diversity & Inclusion within Capgemini, as well as promote Capgemini’s core values, with emphasis on the African American community. The African-American and African ERG is focused on networking, mentoring, awareness, recruitment and retention among those who are interested in African American and African culture.  In 2016, A3 will:

·            Host workshops focused on career & professional development;

·            Participate in and support campus recruitment efforts; and   

·            Support Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)  Career Days.

AbiliNet ‘s mission is to provide a network of support for employees with special needs, employees supporting family members who are differently-abled, and employees supporting aging parents with special needs.  This year, AbiliNet will host webinars to educate employees on issues impacting those with special needs, along with supporting the Special Olympics organization.

CARES (Community Action, Responsibility, and Environmental Sustainability) – The mission of CARES is to enhance, support and advance Capgemini’s community engagement and environmental sustainability while providing resources to individual employees to pursue the areas of corporate responsibility and sustainability that are important to them. In addition to supporting a number of local office community projects (i.e., tree plantings and children’s festivals), CARES partners with other ERGs and local office leadership teams to drive efforts in:

·            Community Programs;

·            Environmental Sustainability;

·            Recruitment & Retention;

·            Pro Bono Consulting Projects; and

·            Capgemini Cares Day.

CREATE is Capgemini’s Asian ERG. The acronym stands for Collaborating to Reach Excellence in Asian Talent & Expertise. 2016 is the year of the monkey and the monkey has been traditionally described as being very clever and witty. To that end, CREATE decided to take that concept to heart as they renewed their ERG’s focus around the three goals of COMMUNITY, LEADERSHIP, and BUSINESS GROWTH, in tandem with the 4C’s. Their efforts include:

·            Celebrating culture and community by participating in the Dragon Boat Festival in San Francisco again this year. (CREATE won 1st place in their bracket last year!); and

·            Partnering with ASCEND, the largest, non-profit Pan-Asian organization for business in professionals in North America by attending the 9th Annual Ascend Conference, which will be held in California.

HOLA – is the ERG focused on the career development needs of Hispanic/Latino employees. HOLA’s mission is to promote a mutually beneficial integration of strengths that exist between Hispanic/Latino and non-Hispanic/Latino members of Capgemini.  HOLA, seeks to provide forums and activities for Awareness, Development, Service, Networking, Recruitment and Retention.  HOLA’s logo, the clasped hands are not just to signify a greeting, it’s the hand up to get Capgemini employees started on journey of growth and opportunity.  

HOLA’s two overarching objectives for 2016 are: 

·            To establish formal chapters in New York/New Jersey; Atlanta, Houston and Burbank to help coordinate local activities on Diversity Awareness, Community Service and Recruiting throughout the year; and

Cultivate partnerships with external organizations such as National Society of Hispanic MBAs, Association of Latino Professionals for America and Council for Latino Workplace Equity with a goal to establishing relationships that will assist in generating   leads for commercial pursuit opportunities in the growing Hispanic and Latino market.

LIFE (Life Integration for Everyone) is Capgemini’s newest ERG. LIFE seeks to share information and resources to help harmonize the different dimensions of life.  

LIFE’s objectives are to:

·            Raise awareness on new and innovative resources to support an improved lifestyle;

·            Provide forums for employees and leaders to share their concerns, knowledge and experiences on wellness related matters; and

·            Organize community events that encourage and support employees in leading integrated and productive lives.

Mentoring Matters – the mission of Mentoring Matters is to strengthen and develop employee networks, provide guidance related to the attainment of career and personal aspirations, and foster a culture of coaching and a sense of inclusion.  In 2016, Mentoring Matters strives to increase participation in its program through:

·            The recruitment of Mentors;

·            Training and Development;

·            The engagement with other ERGs which have made mentorship a priority; and

·            Collaboration across Capgemini NA to offer more support of other mentor programs that exist.

Millennial Innovation Council (MIC) – MIC is an ERG with the purpose of encouraging collaboration across generations by providing a community for Millennials to innovate, create, and lead at Capgemini. MIC builds this community through local events and national projects that encourage coast-to-coast collaboration.

Some past events hosted by MIC include:  Escape the Room, Professional Photo Day, Gardening Community Service, and the “Perception and Presence Workshop”. National projects led previously by MIC include developing Prezi content for recruitment, creating a monthly MIC Newsletter, and recording episodes for the MIC Podcast Series.

In 2016 MIC’s three strategic focus areas include: 

·            Strengthening membership;

·            Hosting impactful events and initiatives; and

·            Increasing recognition for their efforts throughout Capgemini

OUTfront – The mission of OUTfront is to provide a forum for education and awareness supporting the  professional growth of LGBTA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Allies) individuals by fostering a safe environment within Capgemini North America for individuals to be authentic in the workplace. In 2016, OUTfront will support a number of recruitment events, and participate in several local community events relevant to their mission.

VERG (Veteran’s Employee Resource Group) – The mission of VERG is to encourage and assist Veterans in pursuing and building careers in various fields at Capgemini while employing the skills, experience, talent and dedication they bring, as well as providing opportunities to the families of Veterans as a tribute to their service. VERG’s objectives for 2016 are to: 

·            Leverage partnerships with Veteran organizations in order to place Veterans in positions with Capgemini;

·            Provide key training and assistance for Veterans adapting to the Capgemini culture while enabling ongoing career development for existing Veteran employees;

·            Show respect to Veterans and military families by raising awareness of Veteran’s causes and actively supporting Veteran’s initiatives both online and in the community; and

·            Leverage the internal and external VERG networks in order to add business value and increase business growth.

Women LEAD is a network for all Capgemini colleagues (women and men) in North America who want to build and promote a community of people who respect each other’s skills and experience regardless of gender. It enables the communication of: women’s focused activities, the value these activities/initiatives have for the greater good of Capgemini, and the positive impact to our business.

In 2016 Women LEAD will continue to focus around the 4Cs: Culture, Career, Commerce and Community.  

As a Community, Women LEAD will increase alignment with Women@Capgemini; interviewing senior leaders for their perspectives in addition to supporting the active local offices with their activities.

To create further impact for our members’ Careers, Women LEAD will engage with the Women Leadership Development Program (WLDP) while also creating the “What’s in it for me” model, which strengthens the Commerce business case.

With the launch of “Lean In with Capgemini” groups, Women LEAD will help develop the Diversity & Inclusion Culture at a local and regional level to deliver these initiatives.  

The Women LEAD-sponsored Lean In Chapter is comprised of traditional “live” Circles, and Virtual Circles.  The Circles concept is based on the book, Lean In: Women, Work and The Will To Lead by Sheryl Sandberg. Capgemini’s Lean In Chapter is a safe place to learn, grow, and lead. The group will meet regularly share and learn together. The Lean In Chapter’s objectives are to:

·            Foster an environment of creativity, learning, and discussion through an open exchange of ideas;

·            Enable mentorship and growth of women across the organization;

·            Create a culture of success and support for women at Capgemini through a strong community of leaders; and

·            Provide inspiration and support for all Capgemini Lean In Circles.

 Capgemini employees who choose to leverage their unique talents to become involved in, or support an ERG, benefit in a variety of ways. Through their participation, Capgemini employees:

·         Develop communication, presentation, and networking skills through ERG engagement;

·         Discover additional avenues to achieve career goals through ERG involvement;

·         Influence Commerce, Culture, Career and Community at Capgemini in a measurable way;

·         Impact the communities in which we live and work through service;

·         Build relationships with clients through synergies on corporate responsibility goals;

·         Gain experience that may be useful in a future project role; and

·         Drive sustainable initiatives in North America that support our employer of choice and partner of choice goals.

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