With increasing complexity and scale of oil and gas industry it is becoming important to have integrated data collection mechanisms that provide real-time information on field activities. Intelligent wells, “dWell” (digital Wells) providing updates on well condition from top to bottom – are now becoming a reality, a development that reduces both non-productive time and cost. Together with the rapid development of data analytics and management techniques, the industry can find oil and gas resources faster and more effectively, and operate more efficiently. Digital technologies provide a route to faster and better decision-making with help of integrated Well operations as shown below

Benefits of dWell:

  • Intelligent Completion:  Help in increasing Rate of Penetration (ROP) by tracking hydraulic and drilling data sets to observe and improve current and future operations in real time
  • Reduced Drilling Cost: Use of real-time data to pre-empt potential issues and prevent operational downtime or equipment failure and improve drilling efficiency with effective reservoir modelling
  • Accurate Positioning: Use real-time information along with historical and plan data to enhance well placement, Seismic Models and hence achieve enhanced production with efficient wellbore construction
  • Enhanced Database: Central repository enables pre- and post-well analysis, lessons learned, and training with drilling and well logging
  • Chemical & Fluid Processing: Monitor all well casing runs in real-time to ensure best practice is observed all the time, every time, preventing differential treatment for treating foreign material that obstructs flow of oil/gas

dWell helps in getting more producibility from reservoirs that oil & gas companies have already invested in, and provides an efficient lower-cost method of E&P that they can expect in coming years