Have you reflected upon that Generation Y is the first customer group to be born digital and grown up connected? True, by year 2025, 75% of the global workforce will consist of Generation Y according to The World Insurance Report 2016 released by Capgemini and Efma. This implies high digital expectations on your company and your services and it is not a surprise, it is really easy to see why Generation Y has high digital expectations – as they live totally connected lives.

Hand on heart – are you and your organization prepared to meet the major changes in behavior, values and expectations? These are three areas to master to be ready and to improve your digital leadership:

Seamless experience – Generation Y expect to engage with your company in the same way they live the rest of their digital lives. That means a seamless integrated experience across all channels and for sure favors the use of digital more. They will search for companies and service providers who are already agile, innovative and engaging fully integrated across all channels. Are you one of those?

Advanced technology – The Internet of things is already here and will soon dominate every aspect of our daily living. We live in Smart homes in Smart cities. People are already showing interest in adopting connecting cars, virtual reality and wearables for tracking health and fitness. Smart devices are already talking to each other. Old jobs, roles, tasks and decisions are already automated by cognitive and smart machines. A humanoid robot might be your next family member. Generation Y will expect your company, your services and your products to represent these changes in the world. Are you on top of this?

Personalized service – it is all about service design. The customers own your brand, it is all about what They say! And for sure they are sharing their voices in the socially connected networks. How do you create that unique, emotional and individual experience? Make sure you create the personalized service as an emotional experience and your customers will trust you with their loyalty. Your new services and business models need to be smart and as agile as the technology in the Generation Y world they serve. They want it all!

Digital leadership is all about – Leading change. It is all about leading in a world of transformational trends. How transformational is your leadership style? How prepared are you and your organization for the major changes in behavior, values and expectations? You need to be the best you to bring out your leadership capabilities and combine them with passion and the possibilities provided by the super speed technology evolution. A digital leadership makes the difference. You make it happen!