Digital Experience, the key influencers

The world of engagements is taking a paradigm shift. The social platforms are understanding and adapting the necessity of 

  • engaging the visual real estate and 
  • span of attention of the user 

through creative means. 


The fundamental three digital experience influencing elements are ;

The Relevance

Advertisements on web channels are seen these days as intrusive. Cookie based ads are most often ignored. This pushes the necessity of web sites and even browsers to discard ads or in worse case being selectively disabled. The channel technologies are into ad blocking modes and are looking at more effective mechanisms to cross sell or upsell to end users.  However the ads are taking a contextual twist with “native ads” approach where the visual engagements are contextually rendered. Native Advertorials – merge with the mainstream contents as a promoted, sponsored, branded has a better chance to meet audience expectations.

Experience now, has more affinity towards the relevance of user problem and customer centricity is becoming – customer problem centricity. How this influences digital experiences are , by using visual rendering more adaptive to the relevant problem space. Eg. The visual experience for a user feedback workflow can have a theme based on the “context and content” of the feedback.

The Freshness

Static contents are things of past, the visual real estate available for the users are now being judiciously consumed to embrace dynamic rendering that bring liveliness to the engagements. Relevance element is only possible by introducing dynamic visualization. Dynamic themes on a visual real estate with layered information that add value to core use case will add more freshness to experience.

Enter the Video 

The interest of Video is proven enormous by the Facebook bet on video streams in contextual social streams. 2015 witnessed 2.5Bn USD spend on mobile video advertising. Facebook books 100 Mn hours of daily video watch time . Slower bandwidth video rendering is a research topic for all the telcos and the CDNs.  Short Videos are being proven as the best recipe for attention seeking.


Digital experience cannot avoid these elements that can disrupt engagements. The wise usage of real estate, the wiser usage of backdrops, the dynamic engagement recipe injections for the same web world and mobile app world etc  are the future of visual experiences. The split layer thinking of business – the workflow experience layer and – the user engaging dynamic backdrop layer, is a necessity of time. Micro videos that can span attention for 5-10 seconds will become essential medium of conveying an idea. Infographics/banner animations rendered dynamically with context of the user realized can trigger successful campaigns of future.

With 5.5 – 7inch being a permissible real estate standard for the users of the world, layering the information and repainting with priority in the only way a digital experience can be rendered. For the next best experience, augmented and virtual reality is the best logical jump for intuitive engagements.  The Digital experience will disrupt the existing paradigms by adding smartness to visualizations by bringing dynamism, yet contextual to end users.





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