Ask 10 people what Seamless Commerce is, and you will get 10 different answers.

At its heart, Seamless Commerce is about creating a personalized customer experience and unifying all aspects of the organization to continually improve the emotional connection. I am proud to collaborate on this topic with Remodista, a leading think tank that examines retail disruption. We recently partnered to explore how companies can use data to smoothly join customer journeys with supply chain execution in a world of rising expectations in a paper we have titled The Seamless Commerce Experience.

I will publish more detailed points of view in the coming weeks about additional steps you can take to enable unified Seamless Commerce capabilities. Don’t get trapped into thinking that this is a project with an end date.  It’s a commitment to customers to constantly (and some would say maniacally) strive to better understand their wants and desires…and then look for opportunities to exceed them.

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