The Digital Story: Putting TechnoVision To Work

There are many ways to use the TechnoVision building blocks, for example to systematically check a project, a portfolio, a vision or an architecture on how up-to-date it is. It also provides input – sometimes entirely relying on coincidence and serendipity – for innovation, disruption and conundrum solving. It can be used as a common language between business and IT: particularly the use of cardboard, physical building blocks in the TechnoVision Theater setup has proven to be highly effective in engaging both ‘sides’ in an animating, inspiring dialogue. But more than anything else, TechnoVision is a tool to tell your Digital Story. The Digital Story shapes an opportunity, answers a question, gives directions, resolves an issue. The relevant clusters, design principles and trends (selected with the tried-and-tested Surgeon’s Scalpel approach) are woven with other views and considerations into the Digital Story.

The TV Digital Story is not any story. It is told with a purpose : to narrate the solution to a business or technology problem, solution crafted with the help of TechnoVision in combination with other sources and tools.

This purpose explains its three characteristics :

First it is fractal : for a story, it means it can be told, using the same logic and red thread, at three levels :

o  the cluster level, as some kind of executive summary or even elevator story

o  the principles and trends level, as a kind of enterprise story, detailed enough to acquire substance and credibility

o  the level of the principles and trends content, to create a detailed, architected solution description – getting closer to execution.

Second, the Digital Story is federative : it unites all interested parties – business and technology ; it threads together all sources, currents and thoughts ; it sums up the wisdom and experience of all contributing individuals and teams ; it is fun and clever enough to motivate and interest all involved !

Third, the Digital Story is conclusive : starting from the question or issue at hand, it gives a comprehensive answer – at the chosen fractal level – looping back to the starting point, thereby providing as a minimum a complete, understandable  picture, hopefully a compelling call to arms !


Let’s illustrate the art of telling a Digital Story with an example.

Suppose the question at hand is about speed : how can your company accelerate its rhythm – in tune with the prestissimo beat of the digital economy ? A complex question of course, for which technology, and therefore TechnoVision, delivers much of the answer, but not all of it.

For that story – told here without the specifics of your situation -, we choose a well-proven, narrative trick (which is all too well-known from the TechnoVision building blocks themselves): each step in the story will start with a ‘NO’.

The story starts with the NO PATIENCE syndrom of  digital users and consumers, taken individually or socially – the You Experience and We Collaborate clusters (the green ones, on the right, close to People) giving the main keys to this syndrom. The story goes into details as they seem helpful. For example, the No Keyboard trend shows how the immediacy of visual interactions contributes to the lack of patience…

If there is NO PATIENCE, there can be NO DELAY. The Infostructure is Invisible (the dark blue cluster at the left, close to Systems) only if it provides answers in no time ! a precondition for the rest of the story to make sense. And the trends within the cluster give us a choice of levers to accelerate – refining the story.

Going through traditional processes, step-by-step, to interact with customers and clients is a sure way to lose them – the story continues with NO STEP-BY-STEP, as illustrated by the (yellow, bridge) Process on the Fly cluster. Instant adaptation to the whims of users and customers is a must, otherwise they will for sure lose patience ! The suspense increases… maybe No Process (one of the trends in this cluster) is where the story goes. And users are impatient to have one single answer from the whole company – an episode told with the help of the Silo Busters trend.

 But users and customers expect answers with content, in shapes and forms which have to change fast to keep up with their expectations. Traditional ways of developing applications cannot deliver with the speed required : NO WAIT is the motto – a part of the story the (light blue) Applications Unleashed cluster helps to tell. Notably with a vivid description provided by the All in a Catalog trend – for speedy delivery !

NO DATA FLOOD gives the story a dramatic turn ; data – big, small, operational, historical, external… – can be too much, can slow us down, while the (orange, bridge) cluster encourages us to Thrive on Data ! But the trend Real Real Time gives us one of the keys to speed : the precise data, even better the targeted insight, delivered at the moment it helps deal with impatient customers, is the answer.

And our story comes to its conclusion : speed can be gained if and when one goes through the whole story, and the transformation adopts the NO NONSENSE motto : design principles of the past are dead, long life to the Design for Digital cluster (the one surrounding all others) – first of all to new relations between business and technology, as advocated by the Business Mon Amour principle !

Expert: Pierre Hessler  

Part of Capgemini’s TechnoVision 2016 update series. See the overview here.

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