It’s never lost on me that at Capgemini our most-valuable asset is the talent that walks in and out of our doors every day. It has been our experience that diverse teams, underpinned by a culture of inclusion, are powerful fuel for innovation agendas. New products, new approaches, and new perspectives emerge quicker and more organically when teams reflect diversity of ethnicity, gender, age, geography, and thought. 

I recently read a Forbes Insight study that surveyed 321 executives who overwhelmingly cited the importance of diverse and inclusive workforces in driving an innovation strategy that helps them compete across the globe. The majority of respondents agreed that diversity is crucial to encouraging different perspectives and ideas that foster innovation.

At Capgemini, we are focused on building teams that are innovating to drive our clients’ growth agendas. The best ideas emerge when people representing diverse experiences, ethnicities and lifestyles come together to unlock innovation. This Harvard Business Review article examines the undeniable connection between diversity and innovation and its impact for business performance. 

I’m proud of the commitment we have continued to demonstrate at Capgemini for embedding our diversity & inclusion (D&I) efforts into the DNA of who we are as a company, what we stand for, and how it helps us co-innovate with our clients.  Our journey represents a commitment to results, which we share in our full report on our three-year journey since 2012.

In the last three years, we have added seven new employee resource groups (ERGs), and participation has soared (more than eight-fold). We launched a program to teach leaders and team members how to recognize unconscious blind spots. This is the same training that’s helping to strengthen D&I at Google, Microsoft and other large tech firms.  

For us, these results give us renewed energy to be bolder about what we can continue to achieve. 

As I look back at our progress, Capgemini North America is now more innovative, inclusive and inspired than ever before. We will continue to ensure our commitments to D&I to support our innovation and delivery promise to our clients. We will continue to be bold, transparent and accountable. 

Our North America D&I strategy is led by Janet Pope. You can read her latest blog here, where she shares our progress and programs as we stay the course on our journey to make D&I intrinsic to our team DNA.