January is recognized as National Mentoring Month.  This recognition started in 2002, with the focus on youth mentorship.  Capgemini North America is recognizing this month also in an effort to draw attention to the importance of mentorship in all phases of an individual’s life.

 Mentoring Matters is Capgemini’s Employee Resource Group (ERG) which focus on the benefits of mentorship.  The mission of Mentoring Matters is to engage, excite and enlighten Capgemini employees in strengthening and developing their network, providing guidance related to the attainment of career aspirations, fostering a connected culture and sense of inclusion and to support their continued advancement in the industry.  If you are interested in obtaining a mentor, or becoming a mentor, please contact our Mentoring Matters ERG Leaders:  mentorprogram.nar@capgemini.com.

Tiffany Huang serves as the Social Media Manager for Capgemini North America.  Through her role, Tiffany supports our ERGs from a marketing perspective, and she is an active ERG member in the Millennial Innovation Council (MIC) and CREATE (Collaborating to Reach Excellence in Asian Talent & Expertise). 

The mission of MIC is to encourage collaboration across generations by providing a community for Millennials to innovate, create, and lead at Capgemini.  The mission of CREATE To facilitate mutual cultural understanding, knowledge transfer, and professional development among Capgemini NA’s Asian resources and their Non-Asian counterparts. 

For this article, I asked Tiffany to share her thoughts about mentorship and the impact it has had on her career.

 Yvonne:  Why is having a mentor important to your career?

Tiffany:  It is extremely important to have career mentors.  I say mentor’s’ because I believe having more than one is instrumental to shaping your career aspirations and path.  My mentors range from peers, to direct supervisors and they have all inspired and challenged me in different ways.  Mentors will see the potential in you, and find ways to give you opportunities to shine, while developing your skills.  They will open doors for you, and not be afraid to give you advice to help you grow, based on their own experiences.  Mentors want you to succeed.

 Yvonne:  What are the key attributes/characteristics of your best mentors?

Tiffany:  My mentors have all been supportive, honest, and engaged.  They’re always challenging me to take my skills to the next level, and to think about things from multiple perspectives.  They have truly become my backbone as I progress in my career.

Yvonne:  What is the best advice a mentor gave you?

Tiffany:  A mentor once told me that I should feel uncomfortable when things get too comfortable.  She meant that when I find myself too deep into a routine, it means I’m not growing and that I need to keep finding opportunities to push myself out of my comfort zone.  She had also recommended I read the book “Who Moved My Cheese?” by Spencer Johnson, which I think everyone should read.

 Yvonne:  What are actions that YOU take to make the most of the mentor/mentee relationship?

Tiffany:  I work with my mentors in as many different capacities as possible to help them out and learn from them along the way.  I also like to stay in contact with them regularly, even when one of us changes roles or moves to another location.   

 Yvonne:  What advice would you give a colleague who is seeking a mentor relationship?

Tiffany:  Find someone who believes in you and is willing to invest in you.  Get to know them both professionally and personally, so the relationship can become a lifelong connection. Also, always offer to help out! Everyone could use a little extra help.  By helping out with small tasks, you’ll learn from your mentor, and you’ll be able to handle more later on.

 Yvonne:  What advice would you give mentors related to coaching Millennials?

Tiffany:  Give them opportunities to help and learn, ask them for their thoughts, regularly provide honest feedback, and help them see the purpose and vision of their work.

 This blog is authored by:

Tiffany Huang, Social Media & Digital Marketing Lead

Yvonne Harris, Assistant Director, NA Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability

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