Design For Digital: prescription for the Digital Enterprise

Digital Transformation isn’t only about Digital Capabilities — understanding and mastering the technology drivers for business change. It’s just as much — or even more — about Leadership Capabilities —
the ability of an organization to create an executive-driven vision, an enabling governance, individual and social mobilization, and united IT and business sides. Our Design for Digital principles stipulate the changes of the technology mindset that are required to successfully enter the digital era.

In most discussions that use TechnoVision for input and inspiration, Design for Digital takes center-stage. Its principles resonate individually, but compel as a set of seven. They propose a very different way – the digital way – of looking at business, users, technology integration, and applications:

Our first two — ‘Digitally Intense’ and ‘What’s Your Story?’ — build on some of the key lessons digital masters taught us.

The successful Digital Enterprise matches the digital intensity of its customers and clients and creates a digital value network to serve them in radically new ways.

Technology inspires the business to craft a new story for the market, and provides the vehicles to carry the message.

Business Mon Amour advocates striving for the fusion of business and technology, rather than just alignment.

Bon Risk Appétit emphasizes the growing importance of security as a concern, but even more so as an opportunity.

From Train to Scooter — a TechnoVision ‘classic’ — suggests we should understand and master business/IT transformation at different speeds and dynamics.

Platform No 3 is a plea to build digital platforms that marry enterprise-grade stability with next-generation agility; central with de-central.

Finally, Hack My Business Model promotes a disruptive mindset for reinventing business models through new technology.

Feel free to use the design principles to create the right mindset on the path towards the Digital Enterprise; or simply as a checklist for assessing and creating solutions; or even better both. We hope they will be the base for another round of rich discussions and progress on the digital journey!

Expert: Pierre Hessler  

Part of Capgemini’s TechnoVision 2016 update series. See the overview here.

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