To remain competitive, retailers will create intelligent supply chains that not only fulfill on the Omni-channel promise profitably but also predict consumers’ future needs.

 Empowered consumers expect a broader range of inventory available that can be viewed in real-time, held, modified, ordered and fulfilled via any combination of channels. However, many retailers live in a fragmented world – customers, orders and inventory are ‘disconnected’ across numerous enterprise touch points and channels. Meeting customer expectations and doing so in a profitable way is pushing retailers to create an omni-channel supply chain that not only optimizes fulfillment of current inventory, but predicts and responds to trends that shapes and localizes future demand. To maximize intelligent fulfillment retailers will experiment with emerging disrupting technologies, alongside traditional players, to:

  • Leverage consumer sentiment and predictive analytics with Retail Planning and Supply Chain optimization technologies to predict and personalize customers’ Omni-channel needs
  • Create a one-view, real-time inventory snapshot for all stakeholders that provides in-stock, in-transit, on order and available-to-commerce inventory visibility across all stores, distribution centers and third-party vendors with the ability to do localized planning and optimize allocations
  • Place a premium on inventory accuracy by addressing supply and demand imbalances across the network before they impact the customer by utilizing sophisticated analytics engines, and considering inventory movement / online fulfillment policies prior to price reductions
  • Establish an Omni-channel leadership to ensure collaboration across different groups enabling timely decision making and responsibilities across core and linked KPI’s
  • Pursue a conscious movement towards a service oriented plug and play architecture that ensures scalability and rapid deployment of new cloud-based applications/packages. 


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Chris McDivitt is the North America Supply Chain Technologies Leader at Capgemini. He can be reached at Connect with him on LinkedIn.