I have fond memories of being a jury veteran for 3 seasons of the Super Techies innovation game show: I felt a tiny bit like Simon Cowell – albeit an obviously less informed but hopefully slightly more ironic version – in judging teams that aimed to solve real-life challenges of organizations with next generation technology.

Although the topics in the show were innovative, the format was – well – quite established: a TV show of 30 minute-episodes, aired weekly and with relatively little time for the teams to brainstorm, design and report out.

Particularly the latter turned out to be a major obstacle for quite a few teams: although their ideas might be brilliant, a sub-par – underwhelming – presentation would seriously diminish their chances of winning the competition. Form over function indeed. Every time again.

Well, we’re doing things different this time. The Innovators Race is the new format and it’s done in the open, in a highly collaborative format, utilizing all social media channels to the full extent. The contestants can submit their own team selfie videos in order to acquire more likes, thus increasing their chances of entering the finales. They will also have plenty of time to further design and materialize their envisioned solution in order to wow the – real life – organizations from 6 different countries, each posing their own, highly unique business / technology challenge.

If you are in for a taste of the digital innovation challenges of major organizations – and new ways of gamification and social collaboration to address them – I’d certainly urge you to have a look. Although it’s a bit too late to sign up yourself now, I’m sure you will enjoy the performances of those talented innovation racers.

Sit back and relax: The Voice Of Digital is on air.