TechnoVision 2016 – Process On The Fly: in search of agility and responsiveness

While the trends and drivers of ‘Thriving on Data’ make enterprises smarter and more insightful, the building blocks of ‘Process on the Fly’ make them agile and more responsive. Together, they are at the heart of the digital platform that connects enterprises to the unpredictability of the outside world. As there are many different flavours of process, organizations can apply a range of technology options to support stable, predictable workflows, ad hoc configurable responses to spontaneous events and anything in between.

Once a cliché now a necessity, flourishing in the  world of digital disruption demands unprecedented adaptation to change. The vision of Process on the Fly combines process, rules, and event management technology with custom-software development to provide a platform that enables new ways of optimized working, without constraint but with control. However, Process on the Fly involves more than ‘just’ an orchestration platform. It may incorporate cognitive and robotic process automation technologies that carry out actions traditionally performed by humans.  So as well as helping organizations introduce new processes quickly, wrapped around existing ways of working, it also drives execution efficiency so that outcomes are delivered more rapidly.

Speed of change needs freedom, but that doesn’t mean it’s free for all. Controls, regulations, and laws must be complied with, and auditors must be satisfied. This friction between freedom and control is one of the most interesting areas addressed by Process on the Fly. For control, there must be a ‘mega’ process foundation that drives compliance. These are the watchdog capabilities that guarantee the integrity of the organization.

For freedom, dynamic case management provides an element of non-determinism, where input criteria and environmental characteristics drive alternate routes through any business process. These work in harmony with ‘micro’ process applications that enable agility, they’re are quick to build and quick to change — even on the fly. When those are combined, the entire enterprise user ecosystem — employees, partners, customers and cognitive systems alike — operates in a way that’s appropriate to its circumstances.

When coupled with the building blocks of Thriving on Data, this heady mix of process technology delivers what business expects: immediate response to real-time insights and rapid evolution to match a volatile environment.

Expert: Lee Beardmore  

Part of Capgemini’s TechnoVision 2016 update series. See the overview here.

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