Destination Digital: Find Your Balance in Hybrid IT

How can you start finding your balancing in Hybrid IT today?

Have you read our explorative piece on the future role of the CIO? If you haven’t yet I encourage you to take a look at Destination Digital. This paper focuses on how to manage the CIO’s traditional responsibilities for information with their growing focus on innovation. We call this Hybrid IT, and it introduces many new challenges and opportunities that must be considered in your efforts to reach the right balance.

So, how can you apply this new found perspective in a structured way, driving a discussion on how to reach a balance between the Traditional and Agile IT for your own estate?

I’d like to share with you something that we hope can help to channel this thinking, all on a simple one-pager that you can access here.

It includes the key questions you will have to ask yourself:

  • How do you keep pace in a rapidly changing world in which digital is driving everything?
  • How do you know what’s a fad and what’s the future?
  • How can your IT strategy better support the consumer-led demands of your business?

I invite you to take this one-pager as your new tool. When applied this can help you to extract the answers through a conversation with the right people.

So, sit down with your leadership teams, your partners, even start-ups and begin to understand what can be done at each end of the see-saw, to find your balance and embrace a Hybrid IT approach.

Please take a look, apply it, and leave a comment below. 

Find your balance in Hybrid IT today.

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