The recent Diversity Best Practices “Learning & Development for D&I Maximum Impact” Conference in New York brought together people from various organizational roles to discuss how they can grow their future leaders at their respective companies. Representatives from all disciplines were able to discuss their challenges and share best practices. Highlighted below are some of the key areas of discussion from the Conference, coupled with insight as to how we’re forging our Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) path forward at Capgemini.

Road to a More Diverse and Inclusive Work Environment

  • Integration with the Business – It’s not about D&I groups chasing the business; it’s about having business leaders engage the D&I groups to leverage diversity programs to advance business.

    • A great way to start engaging your business managers and future leaders with D&I programs is to get them involved in Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). At Capgemini, our VPs and employees have become more involved with our ERG efforts; we have gained four new VP Executive Sponsors and five new ERG Leads this fall.
  • Employee Development – 50% of organizations offer some form of coaching, training, or mentoring.

    • We strongly believe in developing our talent, and we have delivered a number of employee development programs including: Culture, Bias, and the Brain Executive Leadership Program, Women’s Leadership Development Program, and Managing Biases in Recruiting.
  • Alliance Partnerships – We value our work with clients and organizations on joint D&I efforts, created around a shared vision.

    • Our D&I efforts are magnified when they’re combined with our clients and alliance partnerships. We’ve co-sponsored the Microsoft Innovation and Policy Center for the 9th Annual Microsoft Executive Women’s Retreat, hosted a Closing the Confidence Gap workshop with Siemens employees at The University of Pennsylvania Great Valley, and we are members of the National Diversity Council (NDC) and Diversity Best Practices (DBP) organizations.

But it doesn’t stop here. There is still work to be done to develop new leaders and better integrate D&I efforts into organizations.  We encourage participation in these discussions. How are you promoting D&I within your organizations?  Let’s continue the conversation. 

This blog is authored by:

Tiffany Huang, Social Media & Digital Marketing Lead

Yvonne Harris, Assistant Director, NA Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability

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