Another happy customer where we extended Oracle eBS R12 by fully integrating Oracle Apex just by following the instructions on my own blog:  Integration of Oracle Apex and E-Business Suite R12

Using the page wizard ‘form on table with report’ a powerful interactive report and related update form are created to maintain records in a custom table. However for each record you want to update, you first have to open an update form via a click on the pencil at the beginning of the line. You’d rather want to update the records straight on the interactive report page. Therefore using the page wizard also a tabular form has been created. This form has far less options for filtering, sorting, downloading, … than an interactive report page. Too bad!

Added to this tabular form is a button that the status field of all selected records sets to ‘FINAL’. The processing is not so straightforward. There is no field in the screenbuffer that corresponds with the check box at the beginning of the line. So it is not possible to write an UPDATE statement with a condition like check box checked. Now a piece of code has been developed that goes through some internal apex collection to update the correct rows. The process added to the page processing:

l_checked_row NUMBER;
l_pkey NUMBER;
FOR i IN 1..apex_application.g_f01.count
l_checked_row := apex_application.g_f01(i);
l_pkey := apex_application.g_f02(l_checked_row);

UPDATE xxapx_contractline
WHERE contractline_id = l_pkey;


For more information, please contact Marc Weeren