Organizations today are continuously struggling to differentiate themselves from one another. They do so by making a mark for themselves which they call as a BRAND. But who creates these brands?

Brand is nothing but a mere perception of your product, service or company in the mind of your customer. He is the one who will ultimately decide the win or lose of your brand. So nothing wrong in calling the customer as the king.

But not to forget this is a dynamic world with entities such as Face book, twitter, YouTube and all the other social media buzz words which has drastically changed the outlook of millions of your customers. Customers today have much more power and they can switch vendors in a blink of an eye. And you can easily blame a poor customer experience, which can not only make you lose them but also harm your business reputation.

You business may already have customer engagement model in place but how effectively you engage with customers across all channels, touch points, and interactions is what will separate you from your competition in today’s digital ecosystem. From personalizing your customer interactions to enabling your sales and service organizations, a strong customer engagement allows you to drive the revenue and reduced cost structure that are essential in today’s hyper-competitive market. And your delivery model needs to allow for iterative releases of capabilities in months not years.

Before we strive to unlock this competitive customer engagement model, we first try to evaluate the business needs and issues that companies are facing today !


So what are the major Business Issues that companies are struggling with when it comes to CX?

  • Lack of Collaboration across marketing, sales and service for definition of customer programs
  • Lack of Alignment and agreement from IT and business on ownership of customer initiatives
  • Disparate systems with duplicate data and limited to no connectivity
  • Time to deliver solutions
  • User Adoption of CRM technology


Companies that consistently deliver a great customer experience (CX) have realized measurable business benefits far beyond improving customer loyalty and profit. Companies focusing on end-to-end customer journeys across multiple touch points and channels can build significant competitive advantage, reduce customer churn and differentiate their brand from competitors. This can be achieved through an unrivalled combination of understanding and expertise across CRM and Oracle integrations which can help accelerate the implementation & adoption of Oracle CX Cloud.


Oracle’s CX Cloud helps streamline customer interactions across all channels. In addition, the solution incorporates new mobile and digital processes while capitalizing on opportunities in the social channel through monitoring and analytics.


Below is the landscape of Oracle CX Cloud which provides an integrated customer experience solution across all pillars of CX

It helps to handle the intricacies of automating the customer experience for increased revenue and reduced costs along with unlocking the brand value through customer engagement.