Introducing TechnoVision 2016 – same players, different stories

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If you want to think outside the box, you need one. Well, as a matter of fact, with TechnoVision 2016 we have 37 of them. More than three dozen different perspectives on the way technology can radically improve – or even completely change – the business of an organization. The perspectives both describe the what […]

If you want to think outside the box, you need one.

Well, as a matter of fact, with TechnoVision 2016 we have 37 of them. More than three dozen different perspectives on the way technology can radically improve – or even completely change – the business of an organization. The perspectives both describe the what and the how of technology-driven innovation and they are designed as a natural complement to our concepts of Digital Transformation.

Actually, we have taken the notion of boxes quite literally, as we have been applying our concept of the TechnoVision Theater throughout the year for educating people, aligning business and IT sides, creative brainstorming and kicking off Business IT strategy activities. It has shown us how important the art of storytelling has become in Digital Transformation and how effective gamification can be. We have applied Technovision in this way to literally build innovation ‘totem poles’, illustrating an innovative day in the life of a customer or employee, a breakthrough digital moment or even the very soul behind a newly evolving IT strategy.

But first and foremost, TechnoVision is a repository of – hopefully – inspiring ideas. You may be looking for very specific topics (“What’s hot in Big Data?”, “What is the direction of mobile applications?”, “How does cloud drive the transformation of the data center?”, “Is there a system behind disruptive innovation?”. Equally so, many people have found that TechnoVision is a catalyst for serendipity: they just navigate through its content, looking for fresh ideas and unexpected viewpoints. More than 40 of Capgemini’s best experts have contributed to this 2016 update, voicing the accumulated knowledge and insights of 180.000 Business IT professionals across the world.

As you may recall from earlier TechnoVision versions, we categorize technologies with business change potential in six clusters (the ‘what’). Two of them cover the foundational building blocks of a typical IT landscape (Invisible Infostructure for infrastructure and Applications Unleashed for core applications). Two of them cover crucial IT capabilities to deal with high-speed, high-impact digital change (Thriving on Data for leveraging data and Process on the Fly to manage processes);. The final two cover channels to the outside, connected world (You Experience for creating compelling, individualized user experiences and We Collaborate to tap into the power of social).

Also, there is a crucial cluster of overarching design principles (the ‘how’) that should be applied throughout the lifecycle of applying technology to Digital Transformation: Design for Digital.

For 2016, we have a first-timer with our decision to stick to the 37 trend blocks that we have identified for 2015. We feel that they are – without an exception – completely relevant to describe the technology trends for 2016. Then again, although you will see the same players, the stories will turn out to be quite differently: there are new cases, new links, new perspectives, new trends. Our contributors have gone through great lengths to update each and every building block with the very latest insights. It hopefully makes TechnoVision on one hand a familiar friend but also an exciting, surprising new one, with quite a few fresh ankedotes.

In addition to the building block descriptions,we pay some ttention to how to put TechnoVisipon to work, particularly in the context of Digital Storytelling.

Like last year, each of TechnoVision 2016’s updated building blocks is first unveiled to you through daily preview posts on our CTO blog. In the first quarter of 2016 we will neatly pack the content in an interactive e-Book and make it available for public download.

Here are the 2016 building blocks:

Invisible Infostructure. Infrastructure that evolves into an invisible but extremely information-rich and powerful platform for business.
1.     Virtual Lego
2.     Let’s Get Physical
3.     Build, Release, Run, Repeat
4.     Orchestrate For Simple
5.     What Would Amazon Do?
Applications Unleashed. Radically rationalizing the core applications landscape while benefiting from an abundance of next generation, Cloud-based solutions.
1.     All In A Catalog
2.     Reborn In The Cloud
3.     Elastic Business
4.     API Economy
5.     No App Apps
Thriving On Data. Providing real business value through actionable insights, distilled from an abundance of data.
1.     My Data Is Bigger Than Yours
2.     Real Real Time
3.     Now You See Me
4.     Data Apart Together
5.     Cognito Ergo Sum
Process on the Fly. Creating and managing flexible, responsive processes that are in sync with the growth of business.
1.     Shades Of Process
2.     Process Is The New App
3.     Co-Process
4.     Silo Busters
5.     No Process
You Experience. Exploring the potential of the highly individualized, digital user experience.
1.     No Keyboard
2.     Object Of Desire
3.     Get A Life
4.     End User, End Producer
5.     Digital Self
We Collaborate. Delivering the power of connection in order to do better, different and more business.
1.     Social Is The New Oil
2.     Egosystem
3.     Social Workers
4.     No Work
5.     Friend That Machine

Design For DigitalPowerful design principles to apply throughout the lifecycle of using technology drivers for Digital Transformation.
1.     Digitally Intense
2.     What’s Your Story?
3.     Business Mon amour
4.     Bon Risk Appétit
5.     From Train To Scooter
6.     Platform No. 3
7.     Hack My Business Model

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