Speed up your Digital Transformation with NextGen Business Insights Service Centre

Today’s digital transformation is like an unstoppable engine that never seems to run out of steam, to cope with it requires new capabilities moving beyond industrialization of BI to insights-driven decision making. But how can you retain the legacy, while embedding BI in the business process or delivering where and most importantly, when required, by leveraging multiple platforms – cloud, on premise or other platforms like the Business Data Lake that makes insights adoption faster than ever?

The answer: Next Generation Business Insights Service Center (NextGen BISC).  Our NextGen Business Insights Service centers have helped clients adapt to the new data landscape and embrace big data technologies quickly and seamlessly, adding business value, delivering insights at the point of action.

Poor data quality, long development cycles, and poor integration are technical capabilities, the lack of which can keep you behind. Technical issues usually won’t just vanish. But the financial, organizational and skills related conditions can be radically altered by a new way of leading and directing your information supply operation.

To speed up on the path of your enterprise digitization, follow this 3-step path:

  • Embark on the journey
  • Free yourself from the legacy
  • Create insights-driven value

Embark on the journey is about Business and IT working together to set a clear digital vision and information strategy, and stringent governance framework for transformation.

Freeing yourself from the legacy is about differentiating the application and project portfolio, enabling you to take care of what you already have and acquire an agile approach.

Create insights-driven value is about concentrating your development capacity to reinforce the business development capabilities.

To embark and move ahead on the journey of digitization, or digital transformation as commonly referred, you need the right people on the bus. Gather people from business and IT with the right capabilities and skills to jointly set a clear vision and information strategy to serve as a target and investment guidelines. You should outsource your steady state applications and integrated or non-integrated applications to a low cost provider to free resources and skills. Keep the dynamic applications, targeting areas of possible business development close to the business with an agile approach. By integrating business and technology, you can create synergies and faster time to market, e g by DevOps.

Easily said, not so easily done. Everything starts and ends by getting the right people on the team. My next blog will emphasize on building a successful geographically distributed team.

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