A year and a half ago my typical activity on twitter or linkedin was all about reading and re-sharing information. My number of twitter followers was stuck around the 3 hundreds and I kept wondering why…
Then I started to post articles on ITBlogSogeti and became member of both SogetiLabs and the Capgemini Experts Connect program. As a member of this great communities I’ve received advice that  has changed the way I use social media, from being a “passive” reader to engaging in conversations with peers and experts all over the world…
“It’s not about the number of posts, its about the content, it’s quality and the conversations…”
Two things have been key enablers to this journey:
 • Creating my own content (English and Spanish): I’ve written about my favorite topics: Software Architecture, Software Development, DevOps and Cybersecurity/Privacy. So far in at least 3 out of 11 articles people posted comments which triggered great conversations or requested my advice as a consultant.
 • Engaging in conversations with influencers: I’m actively replying to posts instead of just re-sharing. I’ve also asked questions as conversation triggers. This has allowed me to meet people, share with them and even get answers from worldwide experts such as Mark Russinovich (Microsoft Azure CTO) or security expert Steve Gibson.
Today I’m sure this shift has helped me increase my followers, gain influence and credibility with my peers and clients, but above anything else it has opened a communication channel through which my ever ending learning experience is absolutely enhanced.