Would you like to know the ingredients of a Digital success case recipe, one that really increases customer engagement, sales and loyalty? Read on, since what you’ll find below is based on my real experience after several DCX & Mobile projects delivered above expectations.

Ask: It’s is extremely important to assess what your target end customers really want, before implementing something that could “sound” great to your ears but could not be exactly what your end customers are expecting. Start analyzing real needs from your end customers across different segments, identify buying, paying, navigating and online experience habits and analyze their concerns and expectations regarding the future app in the context of the business process. When appropriate, organize customer Focus Groups and learn from them to avoid assuming your voice should prevail over your customers’ voice.

Draw: identify what’s the customer journey like across the business process, since today there are many chances that it will probably be an omnichannel experience across web, social, mobile app and offline worlds and you’d better identify the “Moments of Truth”, which represent the key points for the conversion that allow you to be able to accurately design the customer engagement.

Focus: Build a “value map” to address first things first and assess consumer value versus implementation complexity in two dimensions. Also, don’t save efforts on user interface and usability design: it should be your primary focus to keep the end consumer in the center of everything and specially the app design. Release often wireframes & visual design and validate iteratively in joint workshops with the customer before starting development, facilitating to anticipate the results and thus ensuring the quality of the final product.

Be Agile: While building the application and integration services, apply agile development methods and don’t miss frequent deliveries in order to obtain tangible results to validate frequently with the customer. This will make it easier to achieve early outcomes and also provide a healthy feeling of progressively increasing product quality.

Act as one team with your customer, and leverage the experience of your consultants and experts not only to fulfill the project outcomes but also join forces with the customer to form a cohesive group, creating close and effective relations and act pragmatically and mutually committed to the success and results of the engagement.

Season it: Don’t forget to add the essence of those technologies that might represent a paradigm shift in your app. Regardless if you are considering to spice your app with mobile payment systems, indoor location, personalized notifications, augmented reality, wearables or IoT technologies, always remember that the essence resides in magnifying the consumer experience, without barriers.

One of the recent engagement where this recipe brought good results was in a leading company in the retail sector who achieved to be the first company country-wise to implement the full end to end purchase lifecycle on a mobile app, including a quick and convenient mobile one-click payment system.
In the first month of operation the application achieved stunning figures:

  • More than 25% of the thousands of people who downloaded the app made more than one purchase, demonstrating recurring purchases
  • More than 11% of the app downloads came from new customers of the online channel, and 7% were new customers for the retailer.
  • Two months after the app launch, it represented 10% of the online activity of the company, according to the customer.

The key to a success recipe

I must emphasize and thank for the great customer involvement both from the Marketing and IT Departments in this engagement, as well as other business areas including top level sponsorship that were key to the success of the project.
For more insights on this success case and other similar ones, please refer to the Capgemini Newsroom site.