Eric Hoffer’s statement “In a world of change, the learners shall inherit the earth, while the learned shall find themselves perfectly suited for a world that no longer exists is very relevant for the testing professional in the DevOps world.Clearly traditional testing mechanisms will need to undergo a metamorphosis and evolve into a world that meets continuous testing needs of deployment from months to days.Here are the key principles that the testing community would need to think about to ease into this transformation:

  • Lean is in: Building lightweight test processes, toolkits and guidelines to drive adoption of agile frameworks such as SCRUM, Kanban, XP and SaFe.
  • Adopting four C’s at a minimum: Continuous Build, Continuous Integrate, Continuous Test and Continuous Deliver.Continuous Deploy is nice to have.
  • Test left: More Unit testing, test driven development, behavior driven development. API Testing and Services testing.
  • Test right: UAT automation, environment set up automation, deployment automation, testing to support sentimental analysis in production.
  • Eliminate test environment bottlenecks: Availability of test environments is a huge impediment to DevOps. Adopt a three pronged approach .First automating environment configuration management and automated provisioning.Second virtualizing environments and at the most mature level simplifying the delivery pipeline by moving them to the cloud.
  • Learn new skills: Coding, architecture design, and services automation, object oriented concepts, test driven development, behavior driven development, services adoption, cloud adoption and environment virtualization.
  • Unlearn old skills: Breaking traditional barriers between development and deployment. Having a black-box testing only mind-set.  
  • Re-invent old skills: Adapting leaner mechanisms of demand management, governance, standardization and optimization techniques. Leveraging pre-packaged test suites, base-lined estimation models, risk based testing with the sole aim of shrinking develop to deploy time.
  • Build on existing skills: Complimenting User Interface automation skills with test environment and data set up automation. Leveraging native programming language to build non UI based automation frameworks using proven data driven, keyword driven and hybrid automation frameworks using extensively in the testing world.
  • Re-calibrate the scale -DevOps driven testing metrics: Testing metrics aligned to time to market and throughput efficiencies. Quality is a given.
  • The entire world is my oyster: Balancing delivery from traditional low cost centers with near-shore centers to practice continuous just in time testing.
  • Time to market to drive test process which in turn drives technology is the key. Greater adoption of automation to drive results.Writing test cases using innovative test design techniques to test faster at a greater quality. Greater adoption of cloud, virtualization tools, only if they simplify the delivery pipeline.
The testing community will need to be mindful of how traditions, habits and biases can act as barriers to accepting new ideas.
Just in time testing with impeccable quality is the goal.Collaboration is the key to success.

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