Information Governance (IG) is closely linked to, but not the same as or part of Information Strategy. They are two closely related and joined at the hip, but separate disciplines. They are also very different in nature.

The development of an organization’s Information Strategy (IS) is an intensive and high-profile one-off exercise, typically time-bound to no more than three months. It lays the foundation for all Information Management disciplines.

Capgemini’s Information Management Maturity Assessment

IG meanwhile should be seen as an ongoing, continuous program, burning with a slightly smaller flame, and with compromise and perseverance the defining characteristics. IS is the 100 meter sprint, IG the marathon, so to speak.

If IG lays the information standards foundation for many information management technology implementations such as DW, BI, Analytics, Big Data, ECM, Data Quality or MDM, then IS is the big picture foundation for IG. In an IS process, the deliverables typically include (see also Capgemini’s proven “Intelligent Enterprise” methodology):

  1. As-Is assessment of information management maturity (as opposed to IG maturity), pain points, root causes, MI needs and capability gaps
  2. Process documentation
  3. Information Governance framework
  4. Information Value Chain
  5. To-Be Information Strategy Framework
  6. Business case for Enterprise Information Management program
  7. Target environment definition
  8. Transformation Map
  9. High-level Project Plan and roadmap for migration to future state

With all this in place, the organization can confidently approach IG, with a holistic, 360 degree view of all information management barriers, bottlenecks and drivers. We recommend you don’t approach a major BI, Analytics or Big Data project without first having done your IG homework.

But likewise we would advise against launching an IG program without first having run an IS exercise. Otherwise, organizations risk running into substantial information management and project implementation challenges later on.

For more information on Capgemini’s QuickStart Information Governance framework, please contact Ralf Teschner.