It’s getting more and more popular for companies to use digital marketing’s different internet channels in their marketing approach for example, websites, apps, e-mail and social networks. You can see a trend that they are complementing the non-digital channels. Meaning social media and web banners pick-up where TV ads left off. They do need to work together since our customers move between channels before they come to action. 
Companies marketing strategies are going more and more towards being visible on cross channel strategies. But how do we get all different channels to interact and give the best possible marketing effect?
A good way to start is to draw user scenarios since we know customers move between channels. In the scenarios you will identify a customer journey and you can make a decision on what message should be delivered in the different channels to complete the journey. When that is done you need to identify the triggers you want to kick off the scenario and as you already pointed out make sure you are able to follow-up on the expected scenario. The last step is then trial and error. You make a hypothesis and evaluate. Invest in products that can make you work this way.
It is easier to monitor the “Internet Channel Marketing” impact on the business than the effect on traditional marketing. One way to get help to make the right decisions in marketing and sales is to use tools like “Google Analytics” or Thunderhead
Google Analytics is a service that generates detailed statistics about a website´s traffic and traffic sources and measures conversions and sales. It can track visitors from e.g. search engines and social networks and direct visits and referring sites. It also tracks display advertising, pay-per-click, email marketing and digital collateral such as links within PDF documents.
Thunderhead work cross channel, both digital and non-digital where you can analyze the interactions of different digital media and the way the channels work together. This is important because in the future you would like to know where to focus your marketing and related expenses.
So do not forget to sort out the optimal interaction between the channels. One way is to sit down and sketch the scenarios to have an idea of what to accomplish – to focus on the vision and be sure to appear on different websites, mobile web and social media but remember to learn from the effect of the different channels and its synergy and how important it is to work iteratively with your ear against your data.

Channels to interact