Consumer Goods Industry Commits to New Guidelines on Consumer Engagement and Data Privacy with the help of Capgemini

With rapid changes in the consumer goods, retail and technology landscape and with increasing consumer expectations and sensitivities around the use of digital technologies, it is important for consumer goods companies and retailers to figure out how to preserve trust and long-term relationships with consumers. To thrive in this uncertain environment, companies need to account for the following contextually relevant market forces as part of their consumer engagement strategy:

  • New digital technology introductions are constantly changing the playing field, creating both opportunities and challenges (e.g. protecting against data breaches that erode consumer trust, planning for new developments such as wearable computing and associated privacy implications)
  • The digital era is creating a huge influx of big data that can be mined for insights that help tailor products, offers and services to anticipate and deliver on consumer expectations but also creates a renewed debate on how to preserve the privacy of this data
  • Digital consumers’ trust in brands is fragile and the time is right for a conversation on how to build back mutual trust between companies and consumers
  • Heightened competition across industries and a more informed consumer has shifted power from companies to the consumer. In order to retain consumers, companies have to be ready to deliver on what’s important to consumers, including transparency in interactions and an ongoing two-way dialogue with the brand
  • With digital privacy and data protection rules and regulations becoming increasingly complex and more in number, companies need to evolve their management of consumer data protection in line with these rules and regulations

Understanding that such a backdrop of rapidly changing technology, regulations and consumer behavior shifts has put a premium on pro-active trust building and consumer communication, the industry-wide ‘Consumer Engagement Principles’ (the “Principles”) act as a framework for how companies engage with their consumers  and help ensure constant and consistent communications with consumers across digital platforms globally:

These Principles will benefit all stakeholders as the industry looks to navigate the ever complex and evolving data landscape, safeguard consumers’ data and nurture greater consumer trust.  The end goal is to have consumers view the Consumer Goods industry as a responsible user and steward of consumer data and insights while building a long-term relationship between companies and consumers that’s of mutual value and satisfaction.
Capgemini supported the process for the development of the Principles and provided crucial industry insights throughout this development process. In addition, Capgemini provided tools and hosted workshops that helped members of The Consumer Goods Forum create this collaborative solution. As a long-term partner of The Consumer Goods Forum, Capgemini will be hosting a series of webinars around the Principles, and is preparing a Consumer Engagement Portal, in collaboration with The Consumer Goods Forum. In the slipstream of this industry framework, Capgemini can help individual companies in assessing and implementing these principles, supported by our key offerings and tools on ‘Digital Customer Experience’, ‘Insights and Data’ and ‘Cybersecurity’, and leveraging our deep sector knowledge and experience.If you want to know more, or even better, want to participate in ‘the CEP movememt’, just let me know:

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